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Sales Velocity Calculator

Planning & ForecastingSales Effectiveness

Armed with valuable insights from 6sense Sales Intelligence, salespeople close bigger opportunities, faster. Use our tool to calculate the impact of leveraging 6sense on your sales velocity KPIs.

Revenue GenerationTool

Revenue Generation Estimator

Account-Based ExperiencePlanning & ForecastingPredictive Analytics

Revenue generation is 120% more effective when using 6sense to identify and pursue accounts that are in-market and ready to buy. Utilize our calculator to analyze how 6sense can transform...

Account IDTool

Account Identification Impact Calculator

Data ManagementPredictive Analytics

If your vendor doesn’t consistently (and reliably) identify accounts, you can’t personalize and engage them. Visualize the impact on your bottom line and the value our industry-leading account identification capabilities...


Target Account List (TAL) Calculator

Planning & ForecastingSales Effectiveness

Getting started with account-based marketing and sales? Use our calculator to estimate your target account list (TAL) size for each individual sales team or go-to-market sales role.

Digital SpendTool

Digital Spend Optimizer

Digital Marketing

Easily create, launch and manage advertising campaigns that engage in-market accounts to increase conversion rates, win rates, and revenue. Learn how 6sense elevates your digital marketing efforts with our Digital...