6sense Announces $200 Million Series E Round, Increasing Valuation to $5.2 Billion

Funding will support next-generation product enhancements including AI-driven email marketing via newly acquired Saleswhale and accelerated vertical and geographic expansion.

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Know Everything
So You Can Do Anything

Shine a light on hidden buyer behavior, identify accounts in-market, and drive the right action at the right time across every channel.

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Light up Your Dark Funnel™ & Target Accounts in Your ICP

Get the visibility you need to proactively target the right accounts based on intent data and rich insights.

Ideal buyers looking for you conduct anonymous research every day — in what we call the 6sense Dark Funnel™ — but if you don’t know about it you can’t take action. And waiting for leads to inbound is too late.

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AI-Based Predictions Tell You Who’s Ready to Buy – and When

Our patented, time-based predictions show you where customers are on the buying journey — and when it’s time to engage.

6sense’s AI platform uses historic intent signals to reconstruct the account-based buyer journey for your business, meaning you can confidently predict where any account is in their buying journey.

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Get an estimate of 6sense’s impact on your business KPIs — backed by data from our customers’ performance.

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“By 2025, B2B demand generation efforts will focus predominantly on accounts, not leads.”

“6sense leads the pack with an expanding set of robust capabilities”

in the Forrester Wave™ for Account-Based Marketing Platforms.

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What Can 6sense Do for Your Team?

With the entire revenue team focused on the same accounts, data, and metrics, you can align sales and marketing efforts and accelerate pipeline growth.

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Some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world use 6sense to deliver best-in-class prospect and customer experiences and generate predictable revenue growth.

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“Prior to 6sense, I had to make guesses about what prospects wanted. Now we actually have delivered to us in the account the exact things that are being searched. So that to me is super valuable.”

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Brandon Crawford
Senior Director of Enterprise Sales , SocialChorus

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Use the list supercharge your pipeline and validate our platform’s ability to match known and anonymous activity back to accounts.

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