You can’t guess your way to quota.

6sense Revenue AI™ eliminates guesswork and arms your revenue team with the data and visibility it needs to create and convert high-quality pipeline into revenue.

Proceed with confidence, in any climate.

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Make the most of every digital investment. Illuminate hidden buyer behavior. Analyze millions of data points to surface in-market accounts. Drive the right action at the right time — across every channel.

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Convert Untapped Buyer Demand Into Predictable Revenue

Lots of companies want what you offer, but your martech systems can’t accurately detect buyer interest. This crucial, dormant data hides in what we call the Dark Funnel™.

6sense illuminates and analyzes these insights, empowering your team to proceed with confidence and predictably create, manage, and convert pipeline to revenue.

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AI-Based Predictions Enrich Pipeline from Creation to Close

6sense Revenue AI™ applies the power of AI across the entire buyer journey, removing the guesswork that plagues revenue teams — and derails deals.

Armed with this superior analysis, a higher-quality pipeline, and the right revenue plays, you can craft pitch-perfect customer experiences that dramatically improve conversion rates.

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Some of the world’s most visionary companies use 6sense Revenue AI™ to deliver best-in-class prospect and customer experiences, and generate predictable revenue growth.

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What Can 6sense Do for Your Team?

6sense empowers your entire revenue team to be more effective, efficient, and confident — especially in times of uncertainty — through the power of insights and data.

Generate More Revenue and Reduce Effort with 6sense

Technology and AI give you a critical competitive edge.

Teams that leverage 6sense generate revenue 4x more effectively, and dramatically reduce their cost-to-close.

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“Ultimately, it’s opening the door for us to engage with more members and change more people’s lives through the healthcare services we provide.”

Troy Purdue
Director of Growth Marketing , Marathon Health

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Share a few details about your company, competitors and category, and we’ll generate a list of the best accounts currently researching for your company.

Use the list supercharge your pipeline and validate our platform’s ability to match known and anonymous activity back to accounts.

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