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The 6sense Revenue AI™ Ecosystem connects the technology you already use with data and insights from across our ecosystem of partners, making everything you do smarter.

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Convert high value buyers from key accounts by personalizing gifting moments with AI insights and account data.


Bombora Company Surge® intent data is available for all platform customers to leverage within 6sense Revenue AI™.

The 6sense integration with Bound brings together AI-informed targeting and content engagement enabling marketers to deliver personalized, conversion-focused content and relevant experiences.

With 6sense and Clari, revenue teams can leverage AI insights to identify opportunities to add new logos, upsell existing customers, and keep ARR strong, growing, and predictable.

Combine rich account insights with personalized conversation capabilities with 6sense and Drift.

Integrating 6sense and Eloqua delivers personalized, relevant buyer experiences and boosts the effectiveness of your revenue teams account-based marketing.

Focus on the right accounts with game-changing AI insights and unparalleled visibility into engagement activity.


Precision targeting at scale with G2 intent data. Get more visibility into target accounts and bring all your intent data into one system.

You don’t have to choose between accelerating growth or efficiency. Pull back the curtain on your Dark Funnel™ and accelerate efficient growth with Buyer Discovery in 6sense.

Unlock a new level of seller productivity by bringing Dark Funnel intent data and insights into your Gong workflows.

Integrate 6sense with Hubspot’ Marketing Hub to uncover insights throughout the buying journey and boost engagement across your revenue driving activities. 

HubSpot CRM

6sense and Hubspot combine to bring a single source of revenue truth to your entire organization.

With 6sense and Hushly, you can identify, target, and engage in-market accounts early in the buying journey and convert them to high quality leads when they visit your website.


Optimize your Integrate ad campaigns with AI insights from 6sense.

With 6sense and LeanData, you can arm your revenue team with AI-powered insights to surface in-market accounts and route them to the right rep — asap.

Executive cost-effective, hyper-targeted digital ABM campaigns to reach the audiences that matter – without guesswork and wasted ad spend.

Together, 6sense and Marketo create targeted, personalized campaigns informed by real-time insights about your buyers.

Capture powerful insights, workflows, and capabilities, while pushing enriched buyer data back to your CRM.

With 6sense and Mutiny, revenue teams can leverage AI insights to identify website visitors and serve them the most relevant experience, increasing conversions and driving predictable revenue growth.

6sense and Outreach bring new efficiency and effectiveness to sellers through the full power of targeted, data-driven outbound sales outreach.


Plug and Play? Oh, Yes.

Our integrations offer the freedom of choice to plug in the precise mix of apps and tools that best serve your business.

6sense offers a large selection of pre-built integrations dozens of categories that sales and marketing already use, along with alternative methods for leveraging our Company API.

Looking to use 6sense but have limited resources?

Augment your team, reinvent the way your organization creates, manages, and converts pipeline to revenue with the help of our service partners.

Looking for API docs?

The 6signal API provides on-demand account identification capabilities that allow your customers to fine-tune website visitor engagement.

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