You don’t have to choose between accelerating growth or efficiency. Pull back the curtain on your Dark Funnel™ and accelerate efficient growth with Buyer Discovery in 6sense.

Unlock intent data from Gartner Digital Markets’ global review sites – Capterra, GetApp, and SoftwareAdvice – to build rich segments for hyper-targeted and timely GTM use cases.

Gartner Digital Markets’ category-specific intent data, Buyer Discovery, and 6sense provide a more complete view of the accounts that matter. We provide added visibility into buying behavior from over 100 million B2B software buyers visiting Capterra, GetApp, and SoftwareAdvice annually.

6sense + Gartner Digital Markets = Better Together

Know who’s in-market for your solution

Discover new prospect accounts, identify expansion opportunities, and detect customers at risk for churn.

Create intent-based segments and personalize at scale

Tailor buying experiences while increasing performance across channels orchestrated by 6sense.

Drive more predictable growth

Optimize program spend and steer sales toward in-market prospects, accelerating efficient growth and reducing the cost of missed opportunities and mistimed engagement.

The Power of 6sense & Gartner Digital Markets

Enrich Data Easily

Identify fresh, in-market prospects from the worlds’ largest audience of B2B software buyers

Generate Demand

Build leaner, more performative demand gen programs with category-specific intent

Retain Customers

Detect customers exploring competing products and at risk for churn

Personalize Buying Experiences

Create natural-feeling buying experiences that guide higher quality opportunities to sales

Optimize ABM Strategy

Feed quality intent signals into your ABM strategy orchestrated in 6sense


Is there an additional cost to 6sense customers?

Gartner Digital Markets intent integration is available at no added cost for 6sense customers provided you have a Gartner Digital Markets Buyer Discovery subscription​.

Who can use the 6sense Integration for Buyer Discovery?

Customers with an active GDM Buyer Discovery and 6sense ABM Platform subscription.

How does it work?

GDM Buyer Discovery integrates with the 6sense Revenue AI platform, specifically the Segments module. Joint customers of Buyer Discovery and 6sense set up the integration in minutes and begin the initial data sync to append these proprietary signals to 6sense’s database of over 40 million accounts. In 48 hours, marketers can begin building segments with Buyer Discovery data and orchestrate campaigns, sales plays, or retention lifecycles.​

Featured Integrations

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Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.