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How Autodesk Beats Competitors Into Deal Cycles Using 6sense & Mutiny

Join us on March 22nd at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET for a live session with 6sense and Mutiny.

This event will focus on how traditional industries can future-proof their sales and marketing tactics by leveraging tools to identify, engage and convert their target accounts.

Justin Diaz, Growth Marketing Manager of Autodesk, will share how his team leveraged the two platforms to

  • Tailor web pages based on account level insights
  • Beat the competition into deal cycles
  • Saved time and money by automating a personalized digital buying experience

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Meet the Speakers


Adam Kaiser

VP of Growth Marketing

Adam Kaiser has been in the B2B marketing game for over 20 years and has built marketing teams across multiple industries and segments, including compliance, adtech, and telecom. As a previous 6sense customer, Adam was a true fan of the Revenue AI and saw firsthand the amazing results it helped him and his team achieve.

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Justin Diaz

Growth Marketing Manager

Justin is a seasoned marketing technology leader with over 15 years in the space. He has lead digital media and marketing technology programs for multiple top 100 companies. He is a true hybrid end-to-end marketing executive who can lead highly skilled, technical teams not only to implement a host of tools and platforms, but to execute complex media strategies within this ad-tech infrastructure.




Michael Vitak

Growth Strategist

Michael Vitak is a Growth Strategist at Mutiny. His primary responsibilities including supporting customers in planning, executing and reporting on their personalization programs. He has a background on the agency-side helping manufacturers design websites and drive conversions across marketing channels.

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