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Unite your revenue team and drive strategy across the business.

Hit Ambitious Revenue Growth Goals with Ease

The right customer insights can drive strategy across the company, from marketing to sales, and product to finance.

6sense for Chief Marketing Officers

Rich Insights Needed to Scale Revenue & Align Teams

6sense research shows that only 3% of buyers ever fill out a form, leading to limited insights and increased guesswork.

Uncover hidden buying signals and more easily identify in-market accounts. With access to a single source of truth that delivers AI-driven insights, recommendations, native engagement channels and integrations to activate, there’s nothing stopping your team from generating revenue more effectively.

The path to company success starts with the following steps:

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Audience Building

Create dynamic audiences using 80+ filters for segmentation and activation across channels.

Intent Data

Uncover hidden buying signals to better understand what decision makers care about.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage 6sense’s AI predictions that align teams on the best time to engage.

Key Features for Marketing Leaders:

Eliminate guesswork and reduce GTM spend so your teams can focus on generating revenue. 

Go-To-Market Planning

Access rich insights to build a smarter, unified go-to-market strategy and a data-driven ideal customer profile.

Audience Creation

Mobilize the revenue team around high-value account targets that can be segmented, measured, and analyzed.

Digital Advertising

Boost ROI on campaign spend by reaching the right target accounts the first time.

Direct Engagement

Encourage more interactions with your brand — and conversations with your sales team — by targeting in-market accounts.

Advanced Analytics

Real-time dashboards provide deep analytics on your go-to-market performance, how marketing contributes value, and recommendations for improvements.

Pipeline Intelligence

AI-powered recommendations so you can plan, track, and forecast pipeline quality and make the right adjustments.

Access technology to ensure effectiveness

The right tools help your employees stay focused on the most important revenue-generating activities and keep hitting goals in spite of any barriers.

With access to the right technology, marketing leaders:

Accurately forecast demand

Ditch clunky spreadsheets for 6sense Pipeline Intelligence to forecast and analyze gaps and take action on each go-to-market segment.

Select the best target accounts

Eliminate guesswork when selecting target accounts. Build a data-driven ideal customer profile to surface accounts actively researching for you.

Prioritize marketing spend

You only have so much budget. Ensure it's spent on the right accounts with targeted campaigns.

We are all in this together

Sales and marketing teams work best when they are aligned. 

In fact, when businesses use 6sense to align their teams, they experience 4x higher win rates and 2x higher deal sizes on average. 

Too often, sales and marketing prioritize different information, actions, and accounts. This misalignment hurts the team — and threatens your bottom line.

There are a few critical elements needed to remove silos:

Craft effective messaging

Use 6sense AI predictions, intent data and millions of data points to deliver relevance.

Build a customer-first experience

Move beyond forms, spam and cold calls to provide value at every touchpoint.

Strengthen marketing reporting

Marketing influences much more than it gets credit for. Build comprehensive reporting in one platform to measure marketing success.

“Everything starts with data, and 6sense is our most reliable data source to be able to deliver those experiences.”

Katie Foote

Chief Market Officer, Drift

“With Conversational Email, (SDRs) get higher conversion rates, and people are teed-up and ready to talk with them. It helps us retain inbound SDRs. They are having more human conversations, find it easier to hit quota, and are making more money.”

Brian Kardon

Chief Marketing Officer, InVision

“Taking action real-time is absolutely critical for us, so 6sense is empowering every marketer with SEI to successfully go to market with their segment.”

Seth Morrison

Chief Marketing Officer, SEI

“With 6sense, we are able to give sales priority, so they have time to spend on those accounts that have a higher intent to purchase. That drives efficiency.”

Gaidar Magdanurov

Chief Marketing Officer, Acronis

“Your website activity, email clicks, other engagement with your brand is a fraction of what your available market is doing. Being able to unlock the insights around those activities is super powerful. It’s revolutionizing how we think about B2B marketing.”

Casey Carey

Chief Marketing Officer, Kazoo (Now Worktango)

“6sense has elevated my ability to iterate and improve our GTM approach. Almost like air-traffic control, I can look at everything and guide my account executives on how to spend their time. That’s something new.”

Jade Kahn

Chief Market Officer, AlgoSec

Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.

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