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Sales Velocity Calculator

Planning & ForecastingSales Effectiveness

Armed with valuable insights from 6sense Sales Intelligence, salespeople close bigger opportunities, faster. Use our tool to calculate the impact of leveraging 6sense on your sales velocity KPIs.


Say Hello to Conversational Email

Predictive AnalyticsSales Effectiveness

Join Troy Purdue (Director of Growth Marketing at Marathon Health) and Ami Arad (Principle Product Evanglist at 6sense) to learn how you can leverage the power of AI to craft...

How To Fix Revenue Leaks & Maximize ROIHow To

How To Fix Revenue Leaks & Maximize ROI

Digital MarketingPlanning & ForecastingSales Effectiveness

Our How-To will teach you what revenue leakage is and how can you prevent revenue leaks in your current and future fiscal quarters.

How To Create Relevant B2B LinkedIn Adsketing campaignsHow To

How To Create Relevant B2B LinkedIn Ads

Digital Marketing

Crafting LinkedIn campaigns can be more challenging than creating similar ads for other social networks. Use this How-To to create engaging B2B LinkedIn ads that align to your audience’s needs.

For Sales Rep & BDRs: How to Write Effective Sales CopyHow To

For Sales Rep & BDRs: How To Write Effective Sales Copy

Sales Effectiveness

Learn how effective sales copywriting can improve your win rates as a sales rep and BDR with our helpful how-to guide.

How to Use 6sense with Google AdsHow To

How To Use 6sense with Google Ads

Digital Marketing

By properly integrating 6sense with Google ads, you can implement an account-based marketing strategy which will significantly improve performance and give you a leg up on your competition.

How To Do ABM Personalization the Right WayHow To

How To Do ABM Personalization the Right Way

Account-Based ExperienceDigital Marketing

Discover how to optimize your account-based marketing personalization when launching new campaigns to ensure you are reaching your target audience with the best content and outreach messages.

Pipeline IntelligenceGuide

The Guide to Pipeline Intelligence

Planning & Forecasting

Can you predict lead flow? Do you know how many leads you need to hit revenue targets? This guide explains how to extend pipeline intelligence to the very beginning of...

The Guide to Empowering BDRs to Help Them ThriveGuide

Quick Guide: Empowering BDRs to Help Them Thrive

Sales Effectiveness

Get more out of your BDRs, and help them win, even amidst a recession. The key is to hone in on the shrinking pool of companies that are still ready...

The Guide to Using Sales Intelligence to Improve Processes and ResultsGuide

Quick Guide: Using Sales Intelligence to Improve Processes and Results

Predictive AnalyticsSales Effectiveness

Robust sales intelligence is the difference between good sales processes and wasteful ones. Resolve these five problems in gathering sales intelligence.

Quick Guide: Focusing Your Site on Metrics that MatterGuide

Quick Guide: Focusing Your Site on Metrics that Matter

Data ManagementDigital Marketing

Discover the most important website metrics and learn how to adapt your marketing operations and KPIs around improving those key metrics.

The Guide to ABM and GDPR ComplianceGuide

Quick Guide: ABM and GDPR Compliance

Account-Based ExperienceData Management

Learn the ins and outs of making sure your ABM strategy and campaigns remain GDPR compliant with your helpful guide.