Account Based Orchestration Platform, Powered by AI

Uncover, prioritize, and engage with demand to drive more revenue.

6sense helps B2B revenue teams compete and win by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team, empowering them to uncover anonymous buying behavior, prioritize efforts on accounts in market, and engage resistant buyers with personalized, omni-channel, multi-touch campaigns.

The Platform To Unite Revenue Teams and Drive Demand


Uncover Demand
Uncover buying intent across every channel, from 1st party campaigns to anonymous Dark Funnel intent to understand exactly where any account is in the buying journey.
Insight Into Full-funnel Intent
Discover what content and campaigns are driving the most account engagement – even through anonymous 1st party interactions and behavior on 3rd party websites.
Insight Into Full-funnel Intent


Prioritize Actions
Turn insight into focused action with AI-powered account and lead scoring to predict, with mathematical confidence, when accounts are “in market”.
Discover New In-Market Accounts
Uncover intent from any account – even if they’re not currently on your radar, and use AI to identify lookalike accounts with high buying propensity.
Account Journey Indicators
Sales reps can see the complete account journey, with intent signals from every channel in a single timeline, to shine a light on why it’s time to engage.
CRM Account & Contact Scoring
Drive higher conversion by supplementing or replacing manual lead scores from marketing automation with AI-powered behavioral and fit scores for accounts, leads, and contacts.
Salesforce Workflows & Notifications
Native Salesforce CRM integration lets you power dashboards, workflows, and notification triggers so reps and managers know exactly when it’s time to call an account.


Engage Buying Teams
Orchestrate “always on” persona-based, omni-channel, multi-touch campaigns, based on AI-driven insights.
Create the Perfect Segment
Build any segment to align with your strategy using named accounts, firmographics, behavioral intent, AI predictions, or any combination.


Company Size: >1000 employees

Industry: Software/High-Tech

30day Engagement: Low

Prediction: Fit=Strong


Evangelist Vertical Message


Region: CA, NV, AZ

30day Engagement:
 Researched Competitor

90day Engagement:
 Visited Product Page

Prediction: Fit=Strong, Engagement=Consideration


Competitive Take-Out Campaign


Target Roles: IT

Industry: Telecommunications

7day Engagement:
 Researched “IT Success” web content

Prediction: Fit=Strong, Engagement=In-Market


Competitive Take-Out Campaign

Deliver High ROI Account-based Display Advertising

Create & execute digital ad campaigns built specifically for your target segments. Build your audience, upload your creative, set your budget, and drive engagement at the accounts you care about.

Measure Account Engagement, Across Channels

Unlike traditional ad platforms that are designed for B2C style direct-response campaigns, 6sense helps you understand the impact your ad impressions are having at the account level. Measure changes in account engagement, not just “clicks”.

Trigger The Right Campaign At The Right Time
 In Marketing Automation

Tight integration with Marketo and Eloqua means you can trigger any kind of marketing program, from email to direct mail, as your prospect’s demand signals change.