Key Capabilities of the Perfect Account Engagement Stack

Orchestrating account engagement requires big data and capabilities that CRM and marketing automation platforms simply weren’t built for. And while it’s possible to build your own account engagement stack, integrating point solutions can be difficult and hard to scale.

Customer Data Platform
Integrate data silos while deduping and normalizing records so your sales and marketing teams have a single source of rich, accurate account data.
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Intent Data
Uncover anonymous and known buying signals on 1st and 3rd party websites so you know which accounts are in market for your solutions today.
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Account Identification
Turn anonymous buying signals into accurate account data—whether those buying signals are from known or unknown accounts.
AI-Driven Predictions
Predict future outcomes—like ideal customers, account buying stage, and key buying center contacts—with historical and real-time behavioral data.
3rd Party Data
Target budget spend for enriching and refreshing data on the best accounts—and automatically acquire 3rd party data for them.
Seamlessly engage the right buyers from the right accounts with the right message at the right time—across every channel and at scale.
Data Segmentation
Dynamically segment account data based on behavior and attributes so you can get deep insights and target campaigns to granular audiences.
Measure real account-based results that help align sales and marketing as a single revenue team working together towards the right accounts.
Display Advertising
Automatically reach key personas within the right accounts with targeted advertising based on account data and behavior.
Deliver the right message across every channel based on deep account data—whether or not accounts already exist in CRM.
Sales Insights
Empower sales reps to prioritize the best accounts and contacts by delivering insights within CRM on account engagement, buying teams, and key personas.

The 6sense Account Engagement Platform

6sense is a comprehensive platform that includes all the capabilities you need to
orchestrate engagement with the right accounts and buyers—at scale.


Proprietary Intent Network
Company Graph
3rd Party Profile Data
Dynamic Segmentation


Accounts in Market
Account & Contact Scoring
Sales Intelligence
Next Best Actions


Sales Alerts
Display Advertising
Omnichannel Integration
Web & Content Experiences


Campaign Analytics
Profile Analytics
Engagement Analytics
Value and Model Metrics

Embedded CDP | AI-Driven Orchestration

At the core of the 6sense platform is an embedded CDP to capture and process the big data needed for orchestrated account engagement, and AI-driven orchestration capabilities to do the heavy lifting for you.

Align Teams to Deliver Predictable Revenue Growth

With an end-to-end platform designed for sales, marketing, and customer success, your teams can align on the rich account data and metrics they need to generate predictable revenue growth.

Get into more deals and increase win rate

Increase pipeline and optimize budget spend

Increase up/cross sell while reducing churn


Intent Network

Tap into account insights from 3M+ B2B web domains and more than 30B events every month to understand exactly where any account is in their buying journey — and what they care about.


Patented technology automatically connects intent activity across devices, channels, and anonymous users, to companies in order to uncover data for both accounts and contacts.

3rd Party
Profile Data

Use AI-based buying center analytics to identify new contacts and build out the customer buying center so you can engage every member of the buying team.


Create an unlimited number of “always on,” micro-targeted segments based on any combination of attributes or behaviors to reach the right accounts with sales and marketing activities.


in Market

Patented technology predicts exactly where accounts are in their buying journey, allowing you to focus resources on accounts with high propensity to buy.

Account &
Contact Scoring

AI-powered behavioral and fit scores for accounts, leads, and contacts help you focus on the right accounts and personas to drive higher conversions.


CRM integration provides sales with centralized account profiles, persona maps, account activity, insights, and alerts to ensure sales knows everything about the accounts they’re working.


AI-driven predictions provide sales reps with suggested actions so they know what action to take next to engage with an account and move it closer to a closed won opportunity.



Automatically deliver important updates on target accounts right to your sales reps’ inboxes to ensure they never miss an opportunity.


Create and execute digital ad campaigns built specifically for your dynamic segments to drive engagement at the accounts you care about most.


Use dynamic 6sense segments to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. Pre-built integrations with industry leading engagement solutions and our open API make it easy to orchestrate engagement across every channel.

Web & Content

Drive new levels of engagement by delivering highly personalized web and content hub experiences based on real-time company data, behavior, and AI-driven predictions.



Measure and analyze more than just CTRs with out-of-the-box visualizations that combine multiple data sources to help you understand what’s driving account engagement.


Analyze the key attributes of target audiences and accounts to refine marketing campaigns and focus sales efforts for maximum revenue impact.


Know exactly when and how accounts engage with your brand — whether they click through your ads or not — and how well you’ve engaged the entire buying team.

Value and
Model Metrics

Track value metrics to understand how accounts predicted to be in-market are moving the needle for your business and delivering real ROI.