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BDRs comparing notes

How to Use Proactive Prospecting to Turn BDR Outreach into a Goldmine

3 minutesSales Effectiveness

BDRs are tasked with a lot of critical — and difficult — duties. They have to: Source new leads Engage inbound queries Qualify MQLs or other leads Tailor engagement to...

salesperson examining opportunities

How to Get Buyers and Opportunities Out of the ‘Dead Zone’

5 minutesPlanning & ForecastingSales Effectiveness

Identifying a sales opportunity for your business is an exciting time. You’ve discovered a potential customer, added money to your pipeline, and are one step closer to winning new business....

Marketers Looking At The Insights From A New B2B Marketing Attribution Model

Navigating the New-Age B2B Marketing Skills Gap

7 minutes6sense ResearchDigital Marketing

By Domenic Colasante, 2X CEO; Kerry Cunningham, 6sense Research & Thought Leadership; and Sara Boostani, 6sense Marketing Research Analyst — — — We recently reported new data uncovered by 2X...

professional looking at a GTM strategy

How 3PLs Can Spot Hidden Demand by Uncovering Silent Buyers

4 minutesPlanning & ForecastingPredictive Analytics

The third-party logistics industry (3PL) is predicted to grow 8% annually for the next several years. Surging demand creates a lot of growth potential for logistics companies. But for every...

Terese Lam, Jess Klek, Tejaswini Hebalkar, Daisy Hernandez

The Journey to C-Suite: Advice for Women Aiming for Leadership Roles

4 minutesCompany

The journey to the C-suite remains fraught for women. They often worry about being painted with negative stereotypes for speaking up, asking tough questions, and exerting influence. Blending into the...

Salesperson Using Account Mapping To Quickly Reach Decision Makers

Empathy Closes Deals: Here’s How AI Helps AEs Be Better Customer Advocates

4 minutesAccount-Based ExperienceSales Effectiveness

AI is now an essential part of the sales toolkit, but there’s a sales superpower it can never truly replicate: Empathy. Empathy is understanding that your customer’s ultimate goal isn’t...

6sense CMO Latane Conant

The Inspiration Behind the Book ‘No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls.’

5 minutesAccount-Based ExperienceCompanySales Effectiveness

In her book No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls, 6sense CMO Latané Conant shares the recipe for a revolutionary transformation of B2B marketing and sales. During a recent trip...

Meeting Between BDRs and Sales Leadership to Discuss Wins and Challenges

How to Hire the Right BDRs and Set Them Up for Success

4 minutesAccount-Based ExperienceSales Effectiveness

Business Development Representatives (BDRs) are the frontline of your revenue team, tasked with performing initial outreach and qualifying leads. They're also are the most significant pipeline drivers of world-class companies,...

Stef Iacono On Using 6sense To Plan New Territory Expansion

How We Used 6sense to Launch a New Territory in EMEA

6 minutesAccount-Based ExperiencePlanning & ForecastingPredictive Analytics

Launching a new territory is brave, exciting, and — let’s be honest — can be pretty damn scary. You’ll face a plethora of challenges, including lower brand awareness, new audiences,...

Intent Data in EMEA 6sense

Intent Data in EMEA: Small Obstacles, Big Rewards

5 minutesPredictive Analytics

Savvy revenue leaders are increasingly turning to intent data to help make sense of B2B buying groups. By uncovering and targeting in-market accounts, businesses are achieving outsized results: 4x increase...

6sense Tracking Intent Signals Report

Latest Research: How Marketers Identify In-Market Buyers

2 minutes6sense ResearchData ManagementPredictive Analytics

B2B marketing teams struggle to consistently identify excellent prospects to be worked by their sales teams. A recent 6sense Research survey of B2B marketers sought to uncover how marketers understand...

Marketers Seeing Positive Results In Their B2B Marketing KPIs

6sense + Drift: Six Winning Personalization Plays That Work

6 minutesAccount-Based ExperienceData ManagementDigital Marketing

We know personalization matters in sales and marketing. And buyers are looking for meaningful personalization — not just filling in the blank of “Hi, [FIRSTNAME]!” The good news is that...