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My Journey from What If to What’s Next

The whole world is going digital – and companies everywhere must adapt to compete. No industry is immune. And this digital transformation is happening fast. Look at it this way: Retail stores seem to be closing faster than the news can cover them – giving in to a meteoric rise in online [...]

“What’s ROI Got to Do With It?” 4 Questions for B2B Marketing & Sales

If Tina Turner was a B2B marketing or sales leader, she would have sung about the conflicting emotions we all have towards ROI. It’s amazing how three seemingly innocuous letters can create such a headache. As modern marketers, we’re constantly under more pressure than ever to prove ROI. While [...]

Jewel, a CFO and 2,500 B2B Marketers Walk Into a Room…

As the CFO of a software company, the prospect of attending a three-day B2B marketing conference can be daunting. Where do I fit in amid a sea of marketers? Fortunately, the SiriusDecisions 2017 Summit had a little bit of everything for everyone. The highlight for me came from the one person [...]

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