6sense Acquires ZenIQ

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“Alexa, Who is In-Market for My Product Today?”

I can guarantee that 80% of you have at least one AI-powered gadget in your household. The concept of artificial intelligence transcends new boundaries each year; with the overwhelming number of intelligence-powered tools and gadgets, from speakers to software solutions, why not AI-powered ABM? [...]

A Double Take on the Forrester New Wave: ABM Platforms

The Forrester New Wave report lists 14 ABM platforms that matter the most and how they stack up. But the more accurate number is… lucky number 13! Forrester says: “6sense announced its acquisition of ZenIQ on April 11, 2018. This graphic does not reflect the positioning of the combined [...]

ABM + Predictive Sales Enablement with the Oracle Eloqua Sales Tools Extensions Launch

As sales teams look to their marketing counterparts in an ABM world for enablement and insight, it’s getting increasingly important to have a centralized view of account engagement. No sales team operates the same way – with differences in structure, process, tools, personalities, values, [...]

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