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The Game Plan for Success: Unified Dashboards for Pipeline Management 

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Navigating the competitive field of sales and marketing towards reaching revenue goals requires more than just individual skill — it demands a team effort. Your best strategy for pipeline management and ensuring you’re on the right trajectory towards your revenue goals should mirror the ethos of a team sport: every player, regardless of their position on the field, contributes to the game’s outcome. 

But how can disparate members of a revenue team work together — efficiently and effectively — to achieve their ambitions? Pipeline and revenue dashboards are indispensable tools for keeping team members focused on the same goals. 

We’ll dive into how these dashboards can help align your team, but if you want a Greatest Hits version, just watch the video below. 

The Dashboard: A Single Source of Truth 

The ideal revenue dashboard updates in real-time, enabling every team member to:  

  • See which accounts are in-market and ready to buy, 
  • Get insights into buyer needs and pain-points, and  
  • Know how to best engage with each account.  

It keeps your revenue team working in a coordinated, strategic manner. 

Reading the Plays with Instant Insights  

We recommend implementing a dashboard that uses a simple, effective color-coding system. Red, green, and yellow indicators provide immediate understanding of team performance. This helps all team members know how the business is trending and what action is needed, regardless of their expertise or role. 

Customized Game Plans for Every Player 

Recognizing that relevance motivates engagement, dashboards should be as versatile as your well-rounded team. It should be customized to show data relevant to specific roles within the team, whether it’s the sales leader focusing on ABX strategies or the marketer analyzing the performance of inbound campaigns. This flexibility ensures that every team member finds the insights they need to play their part effectively. 

Key Plays: From Pipeline Progress to Scoring Bookings 

Consider dividing your digital scoreboard into strategic plays, each designed to give you insight into various sets of metrics, such as: 

Qualified Pipeline Creation: The main objective, like advancing the ball towards the goal, is ensuring your plays convert effectively. 

Volume-Based Strategy: Monitoring advances from initial plays to won opportunities, showing how much progress the team is making month over month. 

Conversion Rates and Velocity: Beyond sheer volume, analyze the effectiveness of your plays and the speed at which you are moving towards the goal. 

Insights into Bookings: The ultimate score — win rates, average deal size, and the impact of competitive plays, offering a comprehensive view of your strategic success. 

Wrapping Up 

An efficient approach to pipeline management is not just about keeping score. It’s about crafting a winning strategy where every team member plays a crucial role. Effective use of unified dashboards ensures that everyone operates from the same playbook and strives towards the same goals and gives your revenue team the spirit of a team sport, where unity, clarity, and strategic play lead to success.  

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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