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Webinar Recap: The Hard Facts About Intent Data 

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Intent data’s transformative power for B2B marketing lies in its ability to illuminate the path to in-market accounts, refine targeting for campaigns, and inform strategic sales efforts.  

Kerry Cunningham, head of research and thought leadership for 6sense, recently hosted a webinar about intent data with experts from Bombora, Ivanti, and G2. 

Kerry opened the conversation with a hard truth: Intent data, by itself, isn’t a magic bullet for marketers. To achieve B2B sales breakthroughs, you need to contextualize what the data is telling you about the buyer. 

“The right use of intent data can predict buying stages, enabling targeted marketing that speaks directly to where a potential customer stands in their journey,” he said. 

The Expert Panel 

Kerry was joined by: 

  • Hsiaolei Miller, senior vice president of insights and customer success at Bombora, who emphasized the ecosystem of intent data and its significance across different marketing channels. 
  • Krista Becker, director of global digital marketing at Ivanti, who discussed the operational implementation of intent data in global digital marketing strategies, and highlighted the challenges and successes faced by marketers. 
  • Rachel Gianfredi, principal product marketer for partnerships and integrations at G2, who provided perspective on the role of intent data in product marketing and partnerships. 

Introduction to Intent Data Usage 

Becker reflected on her journey, stating, “Leveraging intent data transformed how we approach digital marketing, making our efforts more targeted and effective.” 

Intent data revolutionizes B2B marketing strategies by providing insights into prospective buyers’ intentions, guiding companies to identify which accounts are actively seeking their solutions.  

Cunningham emphasized, “Intent data not only predicts buying stages, but revolutionizes how we approach potential customers, ensuring our marketing efforts are not just seen but are relevant and timely.”  

Leveraging intent data transforms customer engagement by making marketing and sales efforts more impactful and efficient, the panelists agreed. 

The Buyer’s Journey and Intent Data 

The B2B buyer’s journey stands out for its length and complexity, which includes numerous digital interactions that are invisible to marketers without the right tools.  

“The average B2B buying process involves over 4,000 digital interactions, spanning an 11-month period,” noted Cunningham. Intent data enabled marketers to decode these digital breadcrumbs and engage with buyers at optimal moments.  

He also pointed out that when revenue teams fail to use intent data, their view of those buying journeys doesn’t begin until those buyers are already 70% through the review and decision-making process

“If all you’re looking at are the form fills,” he explained, “you’re missing virtually everything about those buying journeys. And you’re going to see them largely after they’ve made decisions.” 

The panelists discussed how intent data sheds light on buyer preferences, pain points, and readiness to purchase, allowing for more personalized and timelier outreach.  

“Understanding the digital body language of our prospects through intent data allows us to be not just present, but relevant and persuasive in our engagements,” G2’s Gianfredi said. 

Alignment and Engagement 

Becker showcased how Ivanti used intent signals to prioritize sales outreach and tailor messaging. “Intent data bridges the gap between marketing’s lead generation efforts and sales’ pursuit of ready-to-buy prospects,” she said. 

Panelists shared techniques for activating intent data, from segmenting audiences based on intent strength to creating content that resonates with accounts’ identified interests and needs.  

And they underscored the collaborative power of intent data in synchronizing sales and marketing efforts, leading to more cohesive and effective customer engagement strategies. 

Ready to Learn More? 

Learn more by reading our intent data playbook for an in-depth look at how it enables B2B teams. 

If you’d like to take an even deeper dive into how 6sense can help your organization leverage intent data to achieve breakthrough growth and ROI, book a demo!  

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