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Hosted by 6sense CMO Latané Conant, every episode of this season of TalkingSense is entertaining, engaging, and full of insights sales leaders can start using today.

Selling is getting more complex and competitive by the day. Hitting (and beating) your numbers today requires more creativity and bold new ideas than ever before.

That’s why we’re dedicating this season of TalkingSense to the sales leaders who are changing the way the game is played. This season is brimming with insights and ideas from some of the biggest names in B2B selling.

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Meet Your Host:

Latané Conant

Chief Market Officer, 6sense

A strategic leader with a career spanning the entire revenue organization — including as sales leader, marketing leader, and GM of a $250M business segment — Latané Conant has redefined what it means to be a CMO. She brings a cross-functional, holistic, generative mindset that engages stakeholders and inspires collaborative innovation.

In her role as Chief Market Officer of 6sense, Latané pioneered a go-to-market (GTM) approach that has been foundational to building the company’s remarkably successful revenue engine. During her tenure, the company has enjoyed 100% year-over-year growth, boasts 125% net revenue retention, and has achieved an industry-leading customer acquisition cost. She has been instrumental in the company’s tremendous strategic expansion — soaring from 75 to 1,300+ employees and recently reaching a $5.2B valuation.

Meet This Season's Guests:

Matt Dixon

Matt Dixon

Chief Product and Research Officer, Tethr

An accomplished business researcher and writer, Matt is known for his frame-breaking and provocative work in the areas of sales, customer service and customer experience. 

He is the author of three Amazon and Wall Street Journal best-selling books: “The Challenger Sale”, “The Effortless Experience” and “The Challenger Customer”­—and is a frequent contributor to Harvard Business Review with more than 20 print and online articles to his credit.

Alyssa Merwin

Vice President of LinkedIn Sales Solution, LinkedIn

Alyssa Merwin is the global Vice President of LinkedIn Sales Solutions, one of the company’s fastest growing lines of business. In her role, Alyssa leads the global sales organization to help companies around the world leverage Sales Navigator to engage with LinkedIn’s nearly 900 million members.   

With more than 20 years of experience in the sales industry, Alyssa has a proven track record of growing businesses and leading high-performing teams. Since joining LinkedIn in 2011, she has held numerous leadership positions across the Talent Solutions and Sales Solutions businesses, and most recently served as Vice President of Sales Solutions for North America.   

Tim O’Neil

Chief Revenue Officer, Alation

Tim O’Neil is Chief Revenue Officer at Alation. He has extensive software sales experience, including a decade building and leading sales teams at hypergrowth companies. As Chief Revenue Officer, Tim leads all aspects of the sales organization at Alation. 

Prior to Alation, he worked as CRO at Zoovu. Before that, as the VP of North American Sales at ThoughtSpot, he established the company as a market leader. He holds a BA in Business Administration with a focus in Management and Information Systems from the University of Colorado.


Mary Shea, PhD

Global Innovation Evangelist, Outreach

As Outreach’s Global Innovation Evangelist, Mary is responsible for conducting thought-provoking research covering the sales technology landscape, the future of buying and selling, and the criticality of having diverse, equitable, and inclusive B2B sales organizations. 

Prior to joining Outreach, Mary was a principal analyst at Forrester, an adjunct professor of marketing at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, and a chief revenue officer at various global technology companies. Mary is a well-known industry thought leader, keynote speaker, podcast host, author, as well as an advisor to many of the world’s leading B2B brands. 

Sam Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer

Sam Jacobs is the Founder and CEO of Pavilion, the premier community and career development platform for high-growth leaders and their teams in every function.  Sam launched Pavilion as Revenue Collective in 2016 and bootstrapped the company to $10M in ARR before taking on a $25M growth financing round in early 2021, led by Elephant Ventures and GTM Fund.  Prior to Pavilion, Sam spent 15 years as a senior revenue leader at VC-backed companies in the New York area including Gerson Lehrman Group, Axial, Livestream/Vimeo, The Muse, and Behavox.  He lives in the West Village of Manhattan with his wife and two dogs, Walty and Williams.

Pablo Dominguez

Operating Partner

Pablo is Operating Partner at Insight, where he partners with portfolios of companies to build and scale effective Go-to-Market teams through the application of proven and repeatable go-to-market and operational best practices. He brings over twenty-four years of global sales operations and sales experience, including senior leadership roles at ADP, AppNexus, Avaya, and The Alexander Group. A graduate of NYU’s Stern School of Business and the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas, he enjoys skiing, mountain biking, chess, grilling/smoking BBQ, playing tennis with his wife, and watching movies with his kids. Above all else, Pablo is a die-hard Texas Longhorn fan.

David Rudnitsky

Board Member/Board Advisor/Limited Partner/Investor

Rudnitsky has over 35 years of technology and cloud sales experience, having successfully led enterprise sales for a number of leading disruptive tech companies. He was a key contributor in three pre-IPO companies (Ariba, and Yext).

Most recently, he was President & CRO at Yext, Prior to Yext, he spent 12.5 years at Salesforce, scaling the enterprise sales team and helping to lead the company from $51 million in revenue at IPO to nearly $6 billion. Additionally, he authored The Sales Playbook, which is featured in Salesforce Founder & CEO Marc Benioff’s best-seller, Behind the Cloud. Prior to Salesforce, he led enterprise sales teams at Ariba, Netscape, and Oracle.

He is currently working with a number of private B2B High-Tech SaaS/Cloud Enterprise companies as a Board Member/Board Advisor/Limited Partner/Investor.

Lars Nilsson

VP, Global Sales Development, Snowflake

With over twenty-five years of sales and operations experience in the technology sector, Lars Nilsson is a global leader in enterprise software and selling solutions.

Prior to Snowflake, Lars was CEO of SalesSource, a premier Revenue Operations consulting firm specializing in industry leading best practices and advisory for the optimization and buildout of sales operations and inside sales teams. Prior to that the VP of Global Inside Sales for Cloudera. 

Lars and his team at Cloudera developed the sales methodology Account-Based Sales Development (ABSD), which has transformed how businesses approach high-value targets. Lars has also served in sales executive roles at ArcSight/Hewlett Packard, Riverbed Technology and Portal Software – all three of which achieved IPOs, in addition to Cloudera and Snowflake. 

Amy Volas

Founder & CEO of Avenue Talent Partners.

With more than $100MM in revenue sold, one of LinkedIn’s Top Sales Voices and Sales Insider, Co-Founder of Thursday Night Sales, and LP at Stage 2 Capital, Amy Volas is a sales fanatic turned entrepreneur. She was bitten by the startup bug many moons ago and couldn’t imagine spending her time anywhere else.

She created Avenue Talent Partners to help with the tremendous task of growing startups through some of their most valuable assets – executive revenue leaders.

Karen Snow

Senior Vice President, Head of U.S. Listings and Revenue

Karen Snow is a Senior Vice President and Head of U.S. Listings and Revenue. In this role, Karen oversees the entire U.S. for initial listings, Investor Relations (IR), ESG and Governance sales, as well as Listings and IR retention.
Karen brings a unique perspective to Nasdaq, and has been instrumental in solidifying IR, GC, C-Suite and board-level relationships. Her deep experience and knowledge of the investment community and capital markets has been a tremendous asset to Nasdaq given the challenges facing listed companies and those seeking to access the public markets.