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The Man Behind the Literal Playbook on Enterprise Selling

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A conversation with David Rudnitsky


What would a sales season of TalkingSense be without a conversation with David Rudnitsky, who literally wrote the playbook on enterprise selling? 

Rudnitsky, who helped grow Salesforce from $51 million to $5 billion is the legend behind The Sales Playbook, which was published in Salesforce Founder & CEO Marc Benioff’s best-seller, Behind the Cloud

He joined 6sense CMO and host Latané Conant to share his knowledge. The two discussed: 

  • Why you should never compromise on your minimum standard of excellence
  • The difference between confidence and arrogance
  • How to “get your face in the place,” despite the current hybrid selling environment 
  • The surprising KPI he tracks to see how engaged his reps are

If you’re looking for inspiration for growing your enterprise sales org, you’ve found it. Listen now. 

“Think big. Whether you’re with the smallest startup or you’re with a growing company, think big. Thinking big is an attitude, and it’s actions around it.”

David Rudnitsky

The 6sense Team

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