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Sellers Are Losing Up to 60% of Pipeline to “No Decision.” Here’s How to Fix That.

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Matt Dixon

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An interview with sales expert Matthew Dixon:

We’re kicking off the sales-focused season of TalkingSense with a true legend. Matthew Dixon is the bestselling co-author of The Challenger Sale — which revolutionized how we think about customer indecision and how it gets in the way of closing deals. 

Now Matt’s back with another book — The JOLT Effect — that builds on the last book and describes how top performers recognize and overcome indecision to guide customers to the finish line. 

“40% to 60% of the average salesperson’s pipeline lost to ‘no decision.’ It’s a huge deadweight loss for a salesperson in the average sales organization to have that many deals where you’ve spent months and months of time, countless hours of salesperson time, subject matter expert time, executive sponsor time … pursuing opportunities that go nowhere.”

Matthew Dixon

In this episode, 6sense CMO Latané Conant talks with Matt about: 

  • The true cost of the status quo 
  • Why buyers worry less about FOMO than about FOMU
  • Things customers say that sound encouraging but are actually red flags
  • The 4-step playbook he developed to snap buyers out of indecision
  • Why sellers need to stop bringing a “clown car full of experts” to every sales call

This is a must-listen for sellers who want to go from good to great — and for anyone who supports sellers in that journey.

The 6sense Team

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