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What Top Sellers Have in Common

2 min
Alyssa Merwin

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An interview with Alyssa Merwin, VP of Sales, LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions

Why is it that within the same company, certain sellers consistently blow their quotas out of the water while others don’t even come close to hitting theirs? It comes down to some key ways that top sellers operate, according to LinkedIn research: they’re better at targeting, they have better organizational data, and they’re better at time management. 

This is just one of the many insights Alyssa Merwin, VP of Sales for LinkedIn’s Sales Solutions, shared with 6sense CMO Latané Conant in this episode of TalkingSense. Alyssa also discussed:

  • The tenets of what she calls “deep sales”
  • What has changed since her days as a “spray and pray” BDR
  • Coming off of the “sugar rush” of pandemic tech buying — how companies are figuring out what tech they really need and what they can let go of or consolidate
  • How she balances being a good corporate citizen with guarding her team’s time and priorities
  • Why the KPIs you were looking at six months ago might not be the ones you need to monitor today

Listen today and discover how you can start putting deep sales tactics into practice in your sales organization.

“The world of selling is getting more and more complex, more and more competitive, more and more challenging by the day. What we all want for our sales organizations is for them to be as productive, as focused, and as effective as possible — spending time and energy with the right prospects, the right customers.”

Alyssa Merwin

The 6sense Team

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