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Do Kind Folks Finish First, Even in Sales?

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A conversation with Sales Hacker host Sam Jacobs


For proof that you can be both a good human and a good sales leader, look no further than Sam Jacobs, founder of Pavilion and host of the popular Sales Hacker podcast. In our latest episode of Talking sense, Sam sits down with 6sense CMO Latané Conant to discuss his down-to-earth approach to sales leadership. 

Sam and Latané talk about:

  • Why kindness isn’t just a feel-good ethos — it’s key to professional success
  • How Sam stopped comparing himself to others and chasing meaningless goals
  • Finding positivity, letting go of attachment, and getting comfortable with where you are
  • Which job the robots will take over next

For a human-centered talk about the current state of sales and where we go from here, give this episode a listen.

“How is sales changing? It’s becoming more and more competitive, and the best people are going to separate themselves because robots are going to take care of the rest. And it’s going to happen very quickly.”

Sam Jacobs

The 6sense Team

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