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The Art of Sales: Moving Beyond Problem-Solving

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Amy Volas on listening, creativity, and selling

The key to successful sales is the ability to have meaningful business conversations, and that requires creativity and deep listening skills, according to Amy Volas, Founder & CEO of Avenue Talent Partners. 

Amy joined 6sense CMO Latané Conant on TalkingSense to discuss her sales philosophies, including:

  • Why she’s not a fan of playbooks but loves frameworks (ie, “guardrails with expectations”)
  • The role of creativity in sales success, and how it enables real business conversations
  • How good listening skills helped her win a $30 million deal
  • What she thinks about over-segmentation in the sales team
  • The journaling system she uses to keep her head up on the bad days

Get ready to learn through differing points of view and healthy, respectful debate in this podcast episode. Listen now.

“Everyone talks about problem-solving, but there are four other reasons people take action. You help them get better. You help them reach a goal. You help them pinpoint a blind spot they didn’t even know that they had. You help them be the hero of their own story, not yours. And the only way that you can do that is if you listen.”

Amy Volas

The 6sense Team

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