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AlgoSec Leverages 6sense to Increase Pipeline Velocity by 30%

Ridgefield Park, NJ
Revenue AI for Marketing


growth in quarterly pipeline velocity


high-value 6sense Qualified Accounts (6QAs) within first year of activation

New-Jersey based AlgoSec helps the world’s largest and most complex organizations secure the connectivity of their business applications.

Throughout the 2000s and 2010s, the company grew and built a sophisticated sales infrastructure — but the disruption of COVID-19 brought forth an opportunity to rethink its revenue team’s efforts.

Integrating the 6sense Revenue AI™ platform and implementing PMG’s RevenueOS methodology, empowered AlgoSec’s marketing team to:

  • Better identify trending accounts
  • Increase selling efficiency and effectiveness
  • Grow pipeline velocity 30% quarter over quarter

The Challenge

AlgoSec’s success was undeniable during the 15 years prior to the pandemic. Even so, its revenue team’s efforts to build pipeline was limited by:

  • Heavy reliance on in-person events with varying success and attendance
  • “Feast or famine” leads from events
  • Exclusive focus on inbound marketing
  • Inadequate martech

When AlgoSec’s event-based source of new business evaporated in 2020, company leadership turned to marketing and asked, “What now?”

A New Game Plan

Jade Kahn, appointed AlgoSec’s CMO in fall 2020, assumed the challenge of reinventing the company’s marketing strategies. He immediately went to work changing the model to digital and account-based.

AlgoSec enlisted the services of PMG, a solutions consultancy that provides strategies, services, and technologies to help companies transform and scale their operations.

AlgoSec’s martech stack couldn’t decipher buyer cues or effectively orchestrate content and experiences across the customer lifecycle.

Kfir Pravda, PMG’s CEO, and his team had successfully implemented 6sense for other clients. He recommended adding 6sense to improve AlgoSec’s continuous deal flow and forecasting. Intent and orchestration are key components of PMG’s RevenueOS methodology, and 6Sense is the go-to platform to achieve these goals.

Making a Statement with Pipeline Progression

Rather than immediately focusing on account acquisition, Kahn and Pravda introduced 6sense to AlgoSec with an internal campaign — “Project Avalanche” — to accelerate opportunities already underway.

“[Kahn] had the brilliant idea of emphasizing pipeline progression rather than pipeline development so we could better spread awareness and excitement across the organization,” Pravda says. “He turned on a flashlight in one area to catch everyone’s attention so we could then expand it into a floodlight illuminating the entire revenue engagement process.”

Components of Project Avalanche included:

  • Transforming existing, early-stage CRM opportunities into dynamic 6sense segments
  • Making sense of intent signals emanating from those accounts
  • Creating and automating email, social media advertising, and website popup
    “packages” according to buyer profiles and intent
  • Synchronizing efforts with sales and channel partner activities

“Our sales cycles are lengthy,” explains Asher Benbenisty, AlgoSec’s Global Director of Product Marketing. “The Avalanche campaign helped mature existing account opportunities from one stage to the next more quickly by delivering content in multiple places — all based on their intent.”

With a more informed approach powered by 6sense, AlgoSec’s overall pipeline velocity grew 30% quarter over quarter.

Increased Pipeline Generation

As its active opportunities reached record levels, AlgoSec and PMG shifted their attention to fostering net-new opportunities. SDRs were soon using 6sense to pinpoint opportunities from accounts that previously had been deprioritized, but were now emitting decipherable signs of interest.

Assessing buyer group profiles and locating hidden but hospitable accounts became a go-to approach. Sales team members examined 6sense’s dashboard data as their primary starting point each day.

Calls and emails formerly referred to as “cold follow-up” became “warm outbound marketing” because the outreach was better informed, timed, and received, all thanks to 6sense’s signals.

“The most surprising thing for me was how we had accounts with high levels of intent that weren’t in our CRM,” Kahn says. “There were high-dollar, enterprise opportunities — some big logos — that we just couldn’t see before. Now that we have more clarity, we’re gaining momentum in exciting ways.”

The Next Frontier

AlgoSec and PMG’s next step involves using 6sense intent data to further target and prioritize accounts, and then automate the ensuing interactions with increasingly robust outbound cadences.

That means implementing:

  • Deeper examination of keywords
  • More exacting segmentation
  • Additional buyer-centric messaging and content
  • Ultra-personalized email templates and snippets
  • Proven sales cadences and workflows

It also means revenue team leaders having more visibility and predictability into the process.

The Results

AlgoSec’s forced shift away from its traditional marketing and sales flow allowed an opening that transformed their sales and marketing processes.

Bringing 6sense on board gave the company the boost it needed during the pandemic and beyond, as the results demonstrate:

  • 30% growth in quarterly pipeline velocity
  • 150+ high-value 6sense Qualified Accounts (6QAs) within first year of activation
  • Brand new — and lucrative – account opportunities that otherwise would be missed

About the Customer

AlgoSec enables the world’s most complex organizations to gain visibility, reduce risk and process changes at zero-touch across the hybrid network. AlgoSec’s patented application-centric view of the hybrid network enables business owners, application owners, and information security professionals to talk the same language, so organizations can deliver business applications faster while achieving a heightened security posture.

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