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6sense + Folloze

Focus on the right accounts with game-changing AI insights and unparalleled visibility into engagement activity.

Omnichannel Personalized Account Engagement — at Scale

With 6sense and Folloze, revenue teams leverage AI insights to deliver personalized, content-rich destinations that drive engagement and boost pipeline.

6sense + Folloze = Better Together

6sense: Unmatched Account Visibility With Intent Data

6sense Revenue AI™ identifies target accounts based on intent data and buying stage predictions, enriched with firmographic data, to power omnichannel campaign orchestration.

Folloze: Real-Time Account Engagement Insights

Folloze leverages 6sense AI insights to construct contextual, adaptive and highly personalized buyer experiences at scale. Meanwhile, real-time account engagement insights from Folloze enrich account profiles to enhance campaign targeting and performance.

A Harmonious Integration

High Impact Buyer Journeys

Architect buyer experiences that adapt in real-time, create relevant content destinations for inbound campaigns, and allow sellers to deliver topic-based communications. This includes sharing content boards that create highly customized buying journeys.

AI Guided Sales Motions

Engagement activity at the account, individual, and campaign level — combined with AI insights — equips revenue teams to confidently focus on the right accounts and deliver relevant content experiences. Engagement insights offer opportunities to measure impact and ROI, promoting efficiency and accelerating deal cycles.

Context for Engagement

The combined data and activation capabilities of 6sense and Folloze align marketing and sales teams to work in concert. This surrounds prospects with consistent, relevant experiences and perfectly timed outreach — resulting in increased engagement and higher win rates.

Featured Integrations

Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.