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6sense + Outreach

Actionable revenue intelligence for creating personalized, timely engagements.

Actionable Revenue Intelligence

The 6sense integration with Outreach brings AI-driven insights, predictions, and recommendations directly into the sales engagement platform. It also offers actionable revenue intelligence to help sales reps create more personalized and timely engagements.
6sense Revenue AI™ insights are now available within the Outreach platform for sellers to create increase efficiency and tap into AI insights to unlock greater revenue.

6sense + Outreach = Better Together

“For a business of our size, we are focused on improving our sales reps’ efficiency and capability at scale. This new integration allows all of our reps to see buyer intent insights and easily personalize all of their engagement through Outreach.”
Annabel Custer
Manager, Demand Generation , Windstream

The Power of 6sense & Outreach

Perfectly Timed Personalization

6sense provides deep account insights, tailored talking points, intent keywords and firmographic details to ensure the right message is delivered at exactly the right time.

Relevant Content for Engagement

Use Outreach to deliver superior buying experiences with deep insights into account fit, where accounts are in their buying journeys, and how – and when – they’ve engaged.

Prioritization & Productivity

Increase conversions by prioritizing accounts and customizing engagement based on account activities. Get full visibility into 6sese data from directly within Outreach for maximum impact and efficiency.

Featured Integrations

Ready to see 6sense in action?

Activate relevant and efficient audience targeting, with industry-leading account identification, intent data and predictive models.