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6sense and Outreach bring new efficiency and effectiveness to sellers through the full power of targeted, data-driven outbound sales outreach.

​6sense delivers deep insights directly within Outreach to help sellers send the right message to the right prospect at the right time.

6sense gives the tools to precisely target in-market accounts and curate personalized engagement as part of a seller’s existing workflow.​

6sense Sales Intelligence is integrated directly into Outreach. Joint customers can access 6sense intent data, predictive insights, prioritized actions, and personalization insights from within their SEP.

Sellers can use account and contact data in Outreach to send targeted and impactful messages to prospects. They can also add newly acquired or existing contacts to Outreach throughout their 6sense SI experience.

​“For a business of our size, we are focused on improving our sales reps' efficiency and capability at scale. This new integration allows our reps to see buyer intent insights and easily personalize their engagement through Outreach.”
Annabel Custer
Manager, Demand Generation , Windstream

6sense + Outreach = Better Together

  • Focus on hot accounts and in-market buyers to improve outbound effectiveness and drive engagement and pipeline.
  • Understand the best time to engage with prospective accounts, and use 6sense insights to personalize and customize engagement plays based on all known and anonymous account activity.
  • Deliver an experience that moves the needle by expanding engagement to the entire buying committee.
  • Uncover and acquire the right contacts from 6sense within Outreach or add new contacts to sales Outreach all without workflow disruption.

The Power of 6sense & Outreach

Stay Focused on Revenue Driving Actions

Hot Accounts, Trending People, Recent Activities, and Recommended Action dashboards empower reps to focus on the best-fit accounts that are in active decision-making cycles

Improve Prospect Engagement

Enable sellers to quickly research, acquire, and engage contacts in real-time with personalized content that will move them to the next stage in the buying process

Drive More Meetings Across Buying Teams

Surface true buying team members. Reps can also triangulate anonymous contacts with location-based intent data

Increase Amount and Effectiveness of Outbound

With just a few clicks, reps can ingest deep personalization and prioritization insights from 6sense, and then add key buyers into the appropriate Salesloft Cadence

Maximize Your Tech Stack with Powerful Insights from 6sense

Get the most out of your existing technology investments by integrating them with our industry-leading data.

Engage key personas and target accounts, personalize experiences based exactly on what they care about, and measure your results with ease.

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