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6sense + Bombora

Bombora Company Surge® intent data is available for all platform customers to leverage within 6sense Revenue AI™.


Get Market-Leading Insights Into Buyer Behavior

B2B buyers today conduct anonymous research through most of the purchase journey, making it harder than ever for sellers and marketers to generate pipeline and revenue. But when you can identify these hidden signals and uncover accounts showing intent to buy, your team can focus campaigns and outreach on accounts that are in-market for your solutions.

With 6sense and Bombora, you can light up your Dark Funnel™ and proactively target accounts that are showing purchase intent for products or solutions like yours.

“We leverage 6sense and Bombora in our model, and overlay topics and keywords to understand which accounts to engage and what they’re most interested in."
Casey Carey
Chief Marketing Officer , Kazoo

All 6sense platform customers get access to both Bombora Company Surge® data as well as 6sense’s powerful intent capabilities, both of which can be used to build dynamic audience segments, inform 6sense’s predictive models, and provide sellers with account insights that help them personalize and time direct outreach.

"We’ve increased in-market accounts by 15%, 20% increase in accounts converting from Purchase stage to pipeline opportunity, and increased our lead-to-win rate by 14%, game changing.”
Casey Carey
Chief Marketing Officer , Kazoo

The Power of 6sense & Bombora

Build dynamic audience criteria

Bombora intent data can be combined with 6sense’s intent, predictive, engagement, and other crucial account data to create hyper-targeted audiences.

Engage audiences across channels

Leverage Bombora and 6sense data to activate targeted engagement across any channel like display, web personalization, email, chat, and sales engagement.

Understand the buying journey

6sense and Bombora’s intent data are both used as inputs to 6sense’s patented AI-driven predictions for where buyers are in the purchase journey.

Deliver meaningful insights to sellers

6sense and Bombora intent data are provided to sellers via 6sense Sales Insights, which helps reps perfectly time and personalize outreach to prospects.

How It Works

Bombora draws its data from a publishing co-op with more than 5,000 websites, 70% of those sites are exclusive. When target accounts are showing active demand for specified products or services, Bombora then calculates a Company Surge score and looks for sustained intent on a given topic, Company Surge Topics, in the past 3 weeks, compared to typical levels of intent over the past 12 weeks.

Our integration allows customers to create dynamic audience segments using various Bombora Company Surge Topics.


As of May 20th 2021, our Bombora Company Surge – 6sense Kickstart package is now included within your 6sense Platform subscription. This package allows customers to track up to 12 Bombora topics and provides Bombora Company Surge scores ranging from 70-100.

If you have an active subscription to Bombora’s Company Surge Data through Bombora, you can utilize that subscription’s topics and scores within 6sense as well.

Featured Integrations

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