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6sense + Integrate

Optimize your Integrate ad campaigns with AI insights from 6sense.

Optimize your Integrate ad campaigns with AI insights from 6sense. Leverage 6sense data to inform campaigns that identify and target high-value accounts at the right time in the buying journey. Automatically import target account lists, across channels, with dynamic updates as behaviors change. Maximize investment and engagement with precise targeting across digital campaigns.

6sense + Integrate = Better Together

  • CAPTURE leads that are valid and 100% marketable with AI insights into real-time buying behavior
  • TARGET with confidence, eliminating manual processes with automatic import and data refresh
  • MEASURE engagement across digital marketing channels within Integrate’s Insights Dashboard
  • DELIVER relevant buyer experiences with efficiency at scale
“As a customer of both Integrate and 6sense, I’m thrilled that these two leading martech solutions that are an integral part of my martech stack have an integration that makes it easier for me and my team to execute our demand programs and drive pipeline and revenue. It’s critical that our data and processes are integrated so we have clear data visibility, attribution, and the ability to better reach our audiences.”
Michael Newman
VP Marketing, Demand Gen, Tipalti

The Power of 6sense & Integrate

Optimized Targeting for Improved Engagement

6sense segments use AI insights and predictive modeling to surface the best accounts to pursue at a given time. Using segments as target account lists for Content Syndication Campaigns in Integrate ensures your advertising investments target high-value, in-market accounts.

Improved Engagement and ROI

Dynamic, always-on segments change as account behavior, engagement, or data changes. 6sense + Integrate enables you to activate campaigns targeting the most relevant accounts with ever-changing audiences, resulting in increased engagement and conversion rates.

Increased Efficiency

Automatic imports of 6sense segments into Integrate promotes efficiency and accuracy, alleviating the need to re-create lists inside of Integrate or manually export/import the segments. You can easily customize target account lists for faster campaign launches.

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