The Fundamentals of Next-Gen Marketing

This certification program dives into 6sense’s revolutionary approach to account-based strategy and execution, based on 6sense CMO, Latané Conant’s best-selling book No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls.,

This certification offers you a chance to meaningfully expand your skills and knowledge. Getting certified  arms you with the necessary insights to create cutting-edge marketing programs that generate breakthrough results.

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Unify the Revenue Team

Why get certified?

Do you or your team want to learn…

  • How to expand your knowledge on revenue generation strategies?
  • How to rework its go-to-market strategy and embrace cutting-edge technology?
  • How to familiarize yourself with account-based marketing and sales tactics?
  • How to boost performance and adoption of the 6sense platform?

Said yes to any of those questions? You’re in the right place!

How Do I Get Certified?

1. Dive into your “textbook,” No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls.

Latané Conant delivers recipes for scalable data-driven sales and marketing strategies in her book.

2. Prepare for the test using the study guide & workbook

Visit our certification center to find workbooks, study guide, downloadable worksheets, and more.

3. Pass the certification test

Our test is completely open-book, so feel free to reference any of the provided materials while completing. There are no time limits or expirations, so take the test when and how you want to.