No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls.

by Latané Conant

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Selling and marketing are harder than ever. Old-school tactics are pushing modern buyers away, leaving revenue teams frustrated, inefficient, and unable to compete.

no forms no spam no cold calls by Latane Conant
2nd Edition Now Available!

In No Forms. No Spam.
No Cold Calls., Latané Conant delivers the recipe for scalable, repeatable, data-driven sales and marketing strategies that work in any climate.

“Every so often, something (new tech or practices) comes along in marketing and sales that gets everyone out of the rut we’ve dug ourselves. THIS. IS. IT! Buying copies for my entire team. This is our new playbook for our success.”

no forms no spam no cold calls

About the Book

Every organization wants to predictably grow revenue. But B2B buyers have changed the way they buy. They prefer to remain anonymous far into the buying journey, and they operate in teams of six to 10 (or even more) decision-makers.

That means , sellers and marketers have lost our opportunity to influence the buying journey — if we cling to traditional lead-based tools and strategies, that is.

It’s time for a new paradigm.

Pioneering CMO Latané Conant delivers a step-by-step guide that will transform the way you think about marketing and selling in the modern age.

Often challenging but never dull, No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls delivers uncomfortable truths about the status quo — starting with Latané’s first breakthrough that our old-school tactics not only treat future customers like dirt, they also encourage the anonymous buying we’re trying to combat.

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This book reveals exactly how to engage customers the right way
if you want to achieve predictable revenue growth.

Latané lays out exactly how to enable sales and marketing teams to take pride in the customer experience and finally align on how to put your prospects at the center of everything you do. In doing that, you’ll learn to:

Uncover Customer Demand

Uncover customer demand

Prioritize which accounts to work

Prioritize which accounts to work

Engage the entire buying team

Engage the entire customer buying team

Measure real success

Measure real success

While the book delves into some advanced concepts and technologies, it’s approachable and actionable. No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls provides real tactics that you and your team can implement right away and test for yourself. It’s the kind of book you’ll keep referring to again and again. It lays out a methodical plan for how to build a modern sales and marketing engine.

With the book’s customer-first approach, you’ll be able to confidently take down the forms, stop sending bulk emails, and quit making cold calls — and achieve breakthrough results.

What’s New in the 2nd Edition?

Since publishing the first edition of No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls, we’ve received lots of enthusiastic feedback and requests for even more information. The second edition expands on the original roadmap, adding:

2nd Edition Now Available!
  • A foreword by 6sense CEO, Jason Zintak that gives context for why this modern approach to selling and marketing is so important — especially now.

  • Additional content in Chapter 3, “Building the Customer-First Tech Stack,” about new data and technology that’s transforming the customer experience and ensuring revenue team success.

  • An all-new chapter, “The Modern Sales Organization,” authored by Mark Ebert, 6sense’s Senior Vice President of Global Sales.It dives deep into the latest and most effective selling principles to help lead effective, winning, and happy sales teams.

  • An FAQ chapter that answers questions about how to put these modern sales and marketing approaches into practice — including a step-by-step guide to implementing an authentic, spam-free nurture.

“This is my favorite recent marketing book I’ve read. Period… Latané is a thought leader and heavy hitter in foreseeing the future of B2B marketing. The book goes DEEP.”

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Why (and how) to move beyond form fills and spam, and instead monitor for intent, activity, and engagement across the millions of website.

How AI and big data are shaping the future of B2B marketing and sales — and how you can take advantage of it.

How to engage primed buyers messages that will convert, and execute account-based campaigns at scale.

Data-driven tactics to uncover demand, prioritize which accounts to work, and engage the entire buying team

How to fully align sales and marketing teams around the same data, insights, and revenue operating model

Methods for measuring real success on the path to predictable revenue growth

About the Author

As CRO of 6sense, Latané is passionate about empowering marketing leaders with effective technology, predictive insights, and thought leadership so they can confidently lead their teams, company, and industry into the future. As a “recovering software sales woman” she is keenly focused on leveraging data to ensure marketing programs result in deals, not just leads.

Prior to 6sense she was the CMO and a sales leader at Appirio. She was instrumental in aligning sales and marketing under a consistent and relevant message – resulting in increased bookings, average deal size, and win rates. Latane is creative, charismatic and competitive. Her high energy, positive attitude, and sense of humor are contagious and it’s hard to find a customer, partner, audience, or employee who doesn’t want to work with her.

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