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6sense + PathFactory: The Power of Personalizing the Website Experience

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Savvy sellers know that these days, B2B customers demand personalized buying experiences now more than ever. In fact, 65% of buyers are likely to switch brands if a vendor doesn’t personalize their communications.

Brass tacks: If you’re not explicitly addressing each buyer’s unique and specific needs on your website, they’ll find a vendor that does. 

Revenue teams are scrambling to catch up. In a recent webinar hosted by 6sense and PathFactory, attendees learned how the two companies’ platforms — especially when integrated together — can quickly and effectively help sellers meet and exceed buyers’ expectations with compelling, bespoke website experiences.

You can watch the webinar here, but if you don’t have the time, here’s a quick summary of the discussion.

What Do 6sense and PathFactory Do?

6sense is an account engagement platform that helps B2B companies achieve predictable revenue growth through the implementation of big data, AI, and machine learning. 

It de-anonymizes and analyzes buyer behavior across the web, determining where accounts are within their respective journeys, the unique concerns of those accounts’ buying teams, and much more.

This data empowers marketers to personalize multi-channel marketing campaigns with orchestration and segmentation. 

PathFactory is an intelligent content platform for B2B marketers. It facilitates every aspect of on-site content management and delivery, and features excellent metrics and analytics capabilities, delivering unparalleled visibility into visitors’ on-site behavior. This intelligence, combined with AI and machine learning, enables PathFactory to present auto-customized content based on buyer needs, and much more.

Why 6sense Partnered With PathFactory

6sense and PathFactory were longtime partners before becoming each other’s customers, explained Grace Kupczak, 6sense’s Digital Strategy and Growth Marketing Manager. PathFactory uses data captured through 6sense to inform its analytics, and 6sense uses PathFactory for bespoke content management.

“The really great thing about PathFactory,” Grace said, “was their governance over all the different types of tags that a content marketer needs.”

Specifically, content marketers can use PathFactory to add tags (labels that tell the platform what the content is about) for content types in 6sense. This helps make content creation and management easier, since you can thoughtfully (and granularly) create tags for key buyer personas in different audience segments, stages of the buyer’s journey, and more.

These tags, along with machine learning and AI, enable PathFactory to present highly specific content to website visitors based on the visitors’ unique circumstances: their business role, their company size, industry, unique business concerns and much more.

6sense partnered with PathFactory to combine its own sales intelligence such as audience segments, company size, and revenue ranges with PathFactory’s analytics to determine how content engagement changed based on audiences and their buyer journey stage.

Armed with the right tags and the right sales intelligence, it’s like having X-ray vision into a buyer’s mind and presenting the precise information they need.

PathFactory can also integrate with other platforms like Salesforce, enabling users to map activity based on account behavior. For instance, marketers can see what URL a particular account engages with and the corresponding content and tags.

The Benefits of Using PathFactory for Personalizing the Buyer’s Content Journey

Grace explained even more advantages of using PathFactory combined with 6sense.

PathFactory creates unique experiences for audiences that lead to clear calls to action. Rather than simply directing customers to a homepage, for instance, a PathFactory-powered on-site experience guides users to content that’s relevant to their buyer’s journey stage. 

This might mean nudging visitors toward additional educational content, or prompting them to  contact the company for a demo. 

The webinar also explored how PathFactory can improve sales enablement. Its analysis tells marketers which content resources most effectively impact users. This can inform how to optimize future campaigns. As data accumulates over time, orchestrating effective personalized campaigns becomes easier and faster.

Other ways 6sense uses PathFactory include: 

  • Webinar follow-up emails
  • Dynamic content for ABM
  • Scaling personalized experiences based on keywords

Until Next Time… 

On their own, both 6sense and PathFactory are powerful tools for marketing and sales teams. But when combined, users can get the most out of both tools for content personalization. 

In a future post, we’ll further explore why 6sense is so invested in dynamic personalization, and see the pivotal role that PathFactory plays in it. In the meantime, you can watch the full webinar here

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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