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Find B2B Contact Data Fast, and for Free

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Sellers lose a lot of time to unproductive tasks like:

  • Cold calling unresponsive prospects
  • Hunting for contact information 
  • Trying to prioritize their activities

Of the three, hunting for contact information wreaks the most havoc on sellers’ schedules, pulling them away from what they do best. It’s gritty, grubby grunt work, and the less time spent on it, the better.

Well, 6sense has some really good news for you. 

We’re making it a whole lot easier for you to get the info you need so you can spend more of your time on the activity you want (actually talking to customers and making money!).

6sense’s Revenue AI™ for Sales is a powerful tool for identifying promising accounts, prioritizing outreach, and quickly acquiring contact info. And you can get started with a free version that includes 50 credits a month that you can use to unlock contact info for your hottest opportunities. 

Here’s how it can help you.

6sense Chrome Extension in Action

You already routinely research your accounts’ websites for information that can inform your analysis and talking points. Every so often, you might even find a contact listed publicly on the site! But that almost never happens. 

This means you have get all Sherlock on the account, hunting for clues — typically using LinkedIn to identify people in specific job roles. You fire off an InMail message that may not be read for a while, if ever. Then it’s time to either: 

All of this hunting and guessing interrupts the flow of prospecting and threatens to derail a seller’s productivity. 

Revenue AI for Sales users — even those using the tool for free — can now acquire contact information in real-time. 

Here’s how it works: When sellers visit a company’s website, they can activate 6sense’s Chrome extension, which instantly presents a sidebar with crucial, relevant data such as the company’s key contacts. These contacts are identified based on the your buyer persona definitions, and extracted from 6sense’s curated database of over 250 million B2B profiles.

Users of the free version of Revenue AI for Sales can unlock the key contacts’ contact info right from the sidebar. 

When a user acquires the contact information for a prospect, they can then push that data to their CRM — instantly enhancing overall insights into an account and making it easier to start engaging the buyer. 

Unlock Even More Intelligence

Accurate contact information for buyers at key accounts is hugely valuable. But, the full version of Revenue AI for Sales provides even deeper insights:

As you tab through the full version of the 6sense Chrome extension, additional account insights are available.

With Revenue AI for Sales, your sellers can gain access to:

  • An account’s engagement history
  • The topics they’re researching
  • Their stage in the buying journey
  • AI-powered recommendations for engagement. 

Learn more about the full power of Revenue AI for Sales. 


Sellers have too much on their plate, and too much busy work standing between them and their opportunities. Get rid of some of those distractions. The 6sense Revenue AI for Sales Chrome extension makes it easier than ever for sellers to acquire critical contact information during their prospecting — for free. Get a demo today!

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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