Account-based sales and marketing is the hottest trend in B2B. But if your tech stack doesn’t accurately identify accounts, your team is likely spending time on opportunities that are never going to close. It's like inviting the wrong person on a date (and we’ve all had our fair share of mis-matches).

That’s why accurate account identification is so essential.

Before adding another solution to your stack to blindly “date” accounts with display ads, direct mail, or web experiences, consider upgrading your account matching capabilities so your team’s efforts result in pipeline.

Optimize your account targeting strategy:

  • Display ads
  • Paid search
  • Web personalization
  • Chat
  • Content experience

Put us to the test and we’ll show you the best accounts currently in-market for your solution, prove our ability to identify and match known and unknown accounts, and super charge your pipeline.


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Announcing 6sense + Drift

6sense to Power Company Insights for Drift Intel to Personalize Conversations

6sense has partnered with Drift to provide account identification capabilities to customers using the company’s Drift Intel feature. The integration between 6sense’s Company Graph and Drift provides curated company-level data of website visitors to Drift Intel customers.