As industry leader Laura Ramos at Forrester says, “Unless you have been living under a rock, you can’t have helped but notice the hype around ABM.”

In this eBook, 6sense CMO Latane Conant calls BS on ABM and demonstrates how, at its core, ABM is just good marketing. However, in order to fully reap the benefits of ABM at scale, revenue teams must understand how B2B buying has changed, and how to leverage the power of AI-driven insights.

Latane will share five simple steps to help you create great ABM programs, along with real-world examples that will have you going from fumbling around in the dark relying on the same old bag of tricks for prospecting, to taking up the charge: NO FORMS, NO SPAM, NO COLD CALLS! 

Announcing 6sense + Drift

6sense to Power Company Insights for Drift Intel to Personalize Conversations

6sense has partnered with Drift to provide account identification capabilities to customers using the company’s Drift Intel feature. The integration between 6sense’s Company Graph and Drift provides curated company-level data of website visitors to Drift Intel customers.