ABM, a Team Sport: How PGi is Turning Buyer Insights into Demand Action

Find a Partner, Not a Vendor

As a global leader in collaboration, PGi has been serving the communication needs of Enterprises for over 25 years. Products range from audio, video, and web conferencing to webcasting, webinars and other virtual meeting solutions. Yet even with their deep industry expertise and product breadth, PGi recognized the increasing need to set their brand apart from rising competitors. Let’s face it – with so many market players, collaboration and communication software as a service isn’t the easiest thing to distinguish and sell. They needed more than a new flashy logo and catchy tagline to stand out and drive bottom-line revenue.

In search of a way to differentiate themselves from the competition, PGi embarked on a journey to select an Account Based Marketing (ABM) vendor. With limited resources and the need to do more with less, it was critical for the vendor to provide marketing and sales alignment across the organization. For the vendor selection process, the team compiled an exhaustive list of criteria aligning to requirements across core revenue teams: demand gen, digital marketing, sales, and customer success.

With the entire revenue generating team in agreement, PGi selected 6sense for the platform’s comprehensive capabilities, including API and third-party compatibility, extensive data analytics and reporting, and ongoing training and support.

Create an Aligned ABM Strategy

PGi worked with the 6sense team to map symbiotic ABM process flows for sales and marketing. The initial step leverages 6sense’s ability to predict what stage of the buying journey an account is in at any given moment. The data intelligence is so granular that PGi can also pinpoint contacts within an account and their current engagement levels. Next, accounts are segmented based on various technographic and firmographic criteria.

From the data, marketing and sales can create tailored strategies for each segment. Marketing uses the data to craft specific messages that can be delivered across channels to the right person within an account at the right time. Sales uses the data provided right within their Salesforce instance to prioritize accounts and drive productive activity based on engagement behaviors the accounts are exhibiting.

Get to Know It – It’s a Tool for Everyone

PGi leveraged the 6sense team to put together a robust training and roll-out program to drive better adoption and usage across the organization. When it comes to implementing ABM software, marketers may not always realize it’s their responsibility to enable the sales team. According to Lauren Weatherly, VP of Marketing, Demand Generation at PGi, they found marketing’s role to be critical in the sales onboarding process.

“We created 6minutes with 6sense – a program aimed at getting our sales team to use the tool daily and to reprogram their way of prioritizing outreach – and leveraged the 6sense team to support with implementation and training. We wanted everyone in the organization to feel comfortable using the platform,” Lauren said.

Growth in Action

The ABM program and 6sense platform started generating results in the first month of go-live, and after three months, PGi began to see a major shift as the sales and marketing orgs molded into one powerhouse team to drive positive metrics across the board.

Weatherly credits 6sense for the success of PGi’s Demand Gen strategy, “The proof is in the pudding, and we are truly seeing the results. Everything starts with 6sense insights and leads to the right sales or marketing action.”

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