A Fresh Start for Agile Frameworks: How Finding the Right Partner Changed their ABM Game

Knowing What You Need to Know

When we sat down with Alan Littman – Chief Marketing and Sales Officer of Agile Frameworks – to talk about their ABM strategy, it was clear that they knew they needed to be able to take a pulse on what was happening in the marketplace in order to increase pipeline. Agile took over management of an independent software vendor that provides a SaaS based mobile solution for firms in the Construction and Engineering Services industries.

The market segment to which they were selling was very specific. So they began to look at ABM solutions to focus their time and energy on the RIGHT accounts that were in-market and ready to make a move.

Making the Impossible, Possible

When Agile started their journey into ABM, they quickly realized that key components of each solution they explored were missing. Alan said that when they asked for specific capabilities, they were told that nothing like that existed. Insert 6sense.

Agile Frameworks became an early Beta customer, testing out the ABM solution. Alan and his team were able to have conversations with the 6sense team about challenges they were facing and provide feedback on the platform. Even if 6sense didn’t have an immediate solution, Alan said they came back to the table with ideas on how to get there.

When Agile asked, 6sense delivered. This collaborative environment allowed the platform to move forward quickly and become a better, stronger solution.

Right away, Alan and his team could see what key terms companies in their market segment were searching. They were able to break up the market and leverage 6sense data to address the active companies to see how many Agile Frameworks touched in the last 18 months.

Before, when using PPC marketing, Agile saw visitor activity on their website, but couldn’t associate the activity with a potential prospect, as the visitors weren’t “raising their hand” through a contact page or blog subscription. Even though Alan said that Agile Frameworks served up 80% of their content towards their market segment, they couldn’t identify intent. With Predictive Lead Scoring, 6sense uncovers prospects that show strong fit scores and the daily dashboard suggests contacts and leads at those prospects that Agile can then immediately react to and focus on within its sales and marketing initiatives.

Agile also even switched their marketing automation tool to Salesforce, which integrates with 6sense so they don’t have to take data out of one tool and manually insert it into the other. This streamlines the process and auto-routes the right data to the right people, allowing them to react to leads as quickly as possible. Based on pipeline, the integration between 6sense and Salesforce is already paying back.

This is Only the Beginning

Agile has seen pipeline grow by 4x, leading to an increase of 8x in closed deals. By being able to focus their time and effort on qualified leads and being able to run specific campaigns towards those accounts showing interest in the Agile Frameworks solution, Alan attributes a good portion of the company’s growth to 6sense.

Up next for Agile and 6sense? Rolling out Predictive Intelligence and orchestration to take their ABM further.

Interested in learning more? Get in touch with a 6sensor today!

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