I Heart BDRs

We're Blasting It From the Rooftops...


BDRs are the unsung heroes of B2B revenue teams. That’s why we’re dedicating an entire month to singing their praises with contests and incredible content.

Our celebration ends with the epic crowning of the World’s Best BDR, mind-blowing career advice from sales VIPs, swag, prizes, and more!


All You Need Is Love

BDR life ain’t for the faint of heart. They’re rejected on the regular, get ghosted the mostest, and there’s always some jerk savaging their emails on LinkedIn.

But BDRs provide the crucial backbeat for every revenue team: when they’re gone, there’s no song. That’s why we’re putting BDRs in the center-stage spotlight!

Welcome to March Radness!

We’ve crammed a whole lotta love for BDRs into these 31 days, and we want YOU to join in!

Take a look at these month-long events:

Have Perfect Pitch?

Many submitted, many voted, and the decision has been made. The World's Best BDR have been chosen!

All Together Now

Hey, BDR Leaders! Make a public pledge that you'll support your BDRs for the long haul.

I Love BDRs Storefront

Profess your endless love for BDRs with exclusive BDR Appreciation Month apparel and accessories!

Eye of the Tiger: Get Game-Changing Career Guidance

Crank up your know-how with videos from these sales superstars:


SDR Motivation: AJ Alonzo


SMYKM: Kimberly Collins


SDR Job is Magic: Sam Nelson


2023 State of the BDR: Ernest Owusu

Enjoy BDR Stories with 6sense Customers:


Brendon Despain

Sales Development Representative (SDR), Archer


Nikki Pitten

Account Executive, Bynder

Our partners are celebrating too!

Advice That’ll Rock You (Like a Hurricane)

Four sales leaders with exhaustive BDR experience will field questions in real-time about industry trends, how to up your LinkedIn game, and career advice.


Meet Our Speakers:

Ernest Owusu
Ernest Owusu, Senior Director of Sales Development, 6sense
AJ Alonzo
AJ Alonzo, Director of Marketing, demandDrive
Ben Smith
Ben Smith, Director of Global Business Development, Reachdesk
Morgan Ingram
Morgan Ingram, Founder & CEO, Ascension Media Productions

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