MindTickle Embraces Account Engagement and Creates Personalized Stage-Based Experiences with 6sense

Overview Mindtickle was previously operating on a traditional leads-based approach, but in 2020, quickly realized they needed to shift their mindset and move towards a more data-driven, account-based approach, to successfully uncover...


Mindtickle was previously operating on a traditional leads-based approach, but in 2020, quickly realized they needed to shift their mindset and move towards a more data-driven, account-based approach, to successfully uncover new opportunities and engage the right accounts at the right time.

Now, the Mindtickle team heavily leverages predictive analytics and intent data, and the revenue team is aligned on data-fueled dashboards to track and measure their account engagement progress. With their refined account-based approach, the current revenue model is initially resulting in a 6x increase in conversion rates when working 6sense qualified accounts.

6sense has brought our revenue team together. Sales, marketing, and growth operations are all now speaking one truth, and our entire process is data-driven.


Lisa SharapataVP of Marketing, MindTickle

Full story:

MindTickle, a comprehensive solution for sales enablement and readiness outcomes, is all about a data-driven approach to setting revenue teams on the path to success, through effective and ongoing sales onboarding. In light of the 2020 pandemic spurring rapid digital transformation, the MindTickle revenue team quickly realized they needed to move towards a more data-driven, account-based approach to reach its projected year-over-year growth. It was time for MindTickle to shift their mindset.

Lisa Sharapata, VP of Marketing at MindTickle (and a firm believer in the power of intent data as well as predictive analytics), spearheaded the shift to an account-based motion to successfully uncover new opportunities and engage the right accounts, at the right time, at scale.

With significant revenue growth goals in mind, it was imperative the team not only pivot from lead- to account-based, but also put the right technology in place to achieve their goals. Lisa introduced the team to the 6sense Account Engagement Platform and now the MindTickle team relies upon key account insights to:

  • Shape experiences
  • Create personalized content
  • Inform go-to-market strategy
  • Arm sales development teams

Shifting paradigms and aligning revenue teams

The MindTickle revenue team was new to the account-based methodology, so before they could dive into 6sense, they needed to go back to basics and reassess previous tactics.

Previously operating on a traditional model with marketing relying on form fills and lead scoring and throwing leads over the fence to sales, the sales and marketing teams were unable to make data-driven decisions. Without intent data and predictive analytics, the MindTickle team was challenged with understanding the best accounts to target, which accounts were in-market for their solutions, or how and when to start reaching out.

With 6sense at the center of their new account-based approach, the entire revenue team worked together to understand the data in order to make better, more strategic business decisions. Once the MindTickle team realigned expectations and decisively shifted their approaches, they were able to gain clear understanding of their target audience through key account insights, define their ideal customer profile (ICP), set up data-fueled dashboards to track and measure account engagement progress, and ultimately build a revenue model that is initially resulting in a 6x increase in conversion rates when working 6sense qualified accounts.

Prioritizing accounts results in timely outreach

Once onboarded with 6sense, the MindTickle sales operations team went to work on refreshing their process framework which now heavily leverages 6sense predictive data. Moving forward, when an account fits their ICP and shifts into the 6sense predicted buying stages Decision/Purchase, they are considered a Marketing Qualified Account (MQA) and populate on a dynamic prioritization dashboard built by the sales ops team. This way, the sales team has a real-time view of account engagement and can prioritize their actions and engage with the right accounts at the right time.

“6sense has brought our revenue team together,” Lisa mentions. “Sales, marketing, and growth  operations are all now speaking one truth, and our entire process is data-driven. Our sales team is prioritizing their day-to-day according to accounts in-market, marketing is personalizing at scale — which was nearly impossible before 6sense. Our sales and marketing leaders are all on board, and even helping lead the account-based movement.”

Personalizing cuts through the clutter

The MindTickle marketing team aligned their priorities across the customer lifecycle by using 6sense to tap into keyword research, to better understand the market’s interest in their solutions and tailor their messaging accordingly. MindTickle is in a unique category, embodying the concept of “readiness” and identifies their solution as an “enablement suite” rather than the traditional learning management system (LMS). Because they’re selling a new concept, the MindTickle team uses 6sense to illuminate the Dark Funnel™ as the foundation for how they target the right accounts with personalized messaging and campaigns, through the appropriate channels.

MindTickle’s marketing team has built campaigns in the 6sense platform based on top keyword research in the enablement suite industry, personalized by 6sense predicted buying stage. These always-on campaigns are MindTickle’s digital advertising foundation, allowing them to constantly move accounts in-market to the next stage in their journey.

“We live in a P2P world. Gated content is dead. We no longer score leads or track MQLs.”

Putting the power of account-based orchestration to work

After ongoing training and enablement of the 6sense platform, the revenue team was ready to hone in on the power of intent data and predictive analytics. The marketing team selected one of their top keywords — “sales onboarding” — to set up and orchestrate a 1:1 ABM Pilot program, led by Paige Gerber, MindTickle’s Director of Customer Lifecycle.

Here’s how they engaged the right buyers from the right accounts with the right message at the right time — across every channel, at scale:

  • The sales team divided up a list of their best accounts to target — accounts in-market for MindTickle’s solution (in 6sense Decision/Purchase stages).
  • From here, the marketing team created dynamic 1:1 display ads and built landing pages for each of these target accounts, coupled with a personalized video from the AE to kick off a 16-step cadence (through the Outreach sales engagement platform).
  • The in-market accounts were served the targeted display ads and LinkedIn ads through 6sense, leading to a personalized landing page and kicking off personal outreach from the AE to the account with tailored messaging specific to their needs.

Within seven weeks of launching this campaign, the MindTickle team has seen over $1M in additional pipeline. What’s even more monumental is their shift in conversion rate — accounts in the 1:1 ABM campaign have shown to be 15x more likely to open an opportunity with MindTickle.

“Brand drives demand but only the best experiences create growth.”

Outside of their 1:1 campaign, MindTickle is ecstatic about their ability to see into the Dark Funnel™. The marketing team is working hand-in-hand with sales ops to ensure the AEs and BDRs are prioritizing their MQAs, as the concept of leveraging key account insights to prioritize their actions and personalize their outreach is now deeply ingrained in their process.

With 6sense at the core of MindTickle’s go-to-market strategy, they’ve achieved revenue team alignment, improved conversion rates, and an immensely successful use case of account-based orchestration — sounds like the work of a winning team! We’re beyond thrilled to hear about MindTickle’s ongoing success on the 6sense platform and cannot wait to see what they come up with next!