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Revolutionizing Sales Prioritization: How 6sense Propels Sprout Social’s Growth and Strategy

Chicago, IL
Revenue AI for Marketing

Over the last decade, Sprout Social has quickly established itself as a technology-stack staple for organizations streamlining their social media. To support continued growth, Sprout Social implemented 6sense Revenue AI™ in 2022. 

Before implementing 6sense, Sprout Social’s revenue team members struggled to prioritize leads and outreach efforts. Now, 6sense equips Sprout Social’s sales development team with buyer intent data to understand the best accounts to prioritize. As a result, sellers can address future customers’ needs much sooner than before.

Peter Zink, Sr. Director of Revenue Enablement, explains: 

“One area that I’ve noticed with 6sense and what we’ve trained on is understanding and prioritizing what to get after in terms of the business. So, when we think about leads of what’s hot within our book of business, 6sense is a primary input.” 

In addition to providing focus, 6sense has helped Sprout Social prove the effectiveness of their strategy.

Morgan Momcilovich, Manager of Revenue Enablement at Sprout Social, says: 

“For me, thinking about training, it’s great to have something to really be able to showcase what you should be doing with your day and how you can use that data to help you focus and make sure that we’re just seeing those great results.”

About the Customer

Sprout Social is a social media management platform with tools for scheduling, publishing, and analyzing content across social media platforms. This makes it easier to engage with audiences and track performance. With features like social media monitoring and reporting, Sprout Social helps users enhance their social media strategies and make data-driven decisions to grow their online presence effectively.

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