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How 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales Enhances Your LinkedIn Sales Navigator Prospecting

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Thanks to a user base of over 900 million people, LinkedIn is one of the most comprehensive prospecting tools available to B2B sellers.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is already a best friend for many of them. Using the tool correctly and efficiently can lead to a robust understanding of buyers, accounts, and whole industries.

With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, sellers can:

  • Build in-depth searches with comprehensive filters
  • Save tailored searches that automatically update with new leads
  • Actively watch lead lists for recent activity
  • Quickly identify key contacts at their target accounts

Our latest product, 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales, builds upon these capabilities by making it easy to acquire contact information for all of the great prospects you identify through LinkedIn.

6sense’s Revenue AI for Sales™ enhances LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s market intelligence by:

  • Making it easier to acquire contact information for key buyers
  • Allowing for more pinpoint identification of in-market buyers
  • Enhancing the critical insights available about your buyers

Revenue AI for Sales is the perfect complement to LinkedIn Sales Navigator. Sellers that leverage both platforms can uncover more in-market buyers, understand them on a deeper level, and have a head start over the competition. 

Acquire Contact Information for Your Navigator Prospects 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives users access to a ton of helpful filters that empower them to create highly-refined lists. 

Once a seller has identified prospects that fit within their defined target list, they want to start engaging with the buyer. With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, however, you can only message a person through LinkedIn.

Revenue AI for Sales adds this functionality. With help from a browser plug-in, you can use a simple mouse-click to find contact info — allowing for wider engagement across multiple channels. 

Combining the two platforms enables sellers to hone in on specific audiences and unlock more communication paths. Instead of hoping a buyer responds to a LinkedIn message — or spending your time scouring the internet for that buyer’s email address — 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales quickly provides a path to reaching them.

Use Intent Data to Make Smarter Lists and Drill Into In-Market Accounts

Revenue AI for Sales and LinkedIn Sales Navigator can also work together to help find in-market accounts and then quickly begin multi-threading — reaching out to multiple members of a buying team. Only 10% of your buyers are likely to be in-market in any given quarter, so narrowing your focus to these buyers is essential for improving seller effectiveness. 

Revenue AI for Sales uncovers accounts showing buying intent. Sellers who log into the platform will be greeted with a list of hot accounts that are showing buying intent. This makes it incredibly easy to prioritize sales outreach.

Revenue AI for Sales also uncovers:

  • Product and services pages on your website that an account has visited
  • Topics they’ve researched that are relevant to your offerings
  • Topics about your competitors that they’re looking into
  • Prior engagements with any of your previous campaigns

With this information in hand, a seller can then switch over to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and start hunting for the specific contacts within an account that are likely performing this activity.

For example: According to Revenue AI for Sales, a large multinational corporation is showing signs of buying intent. Members of the company’s buying team have visited specific product pages that align with one department, which the seller knows is located in Omaha, Nebraska. 

The seller then moves over to LinkedIn Sales Navigator and uses its filters to find people in the Omaha location in that department, with job titles that are typically present in deal conversations. With a click of a button, the seller can then use Revenue AI of Sales to: 

  • Acquire contact info
  • Add the info to their CRM, marketing automation platform, and/or sales engagement platform, and
  • Begin an outreach campaign

Instead of spending their time hunting for clues, sellers can take immediate action to begin outreach, build relationships, and drive pipeline. 


LinkedIn Sales Navigator is already one of most popular tools available for sellers. 6sense Revenue AI for Sales™ will level up how sellers find in-market buyers and increase the effectiveness of the engagement they have with those prospects. 

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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