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A Collection of B2B Sales Case Studies

Revenue AI for Sales

Closing the Deal: Case Studies on Overcoming Common Challenges in B2B Sales

In the B2B sales industry, organizations can often accelerate revenue growth and boost efficiency by enhancing their targeting and customer insights. 6sense’s AI marketing and sales software unlocks efficiencies by revealing customer preferences and buying journeys, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and optimize sales strategies. 

Dive into the following case studies to see the impact of 6sense’s software on B2B sales professionals like you.

Martal Group Sees 762% Growth Using 6sense’s Revenue AI for Sales

Martal Group offers a fully-managed lead generation service to B2B organizations. COVID-19 changed the landscape for prospecting outreach, requiring Martal Group to quickly adopt an account-based marketing approach while staying efficient with time, budget, and toolset. 

Using 6sense’s Revenue AI for Sales, Martal Group used psychographic capabilities to understand buyers’ mindsets and values, reaching warmer prospects faster. 

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69% of Lily AI’s Closed Opportunities Came from 6sense Strong-Profile Fit Accounts 

Lily AI helps retailers bridge the gap between the product descriptions on retailer e-commerce platforms and the actual language customers search for when they shop online. But they faced their own disconnect: Their Salesforce database was prioritizing the wrong accounts for their sales team, wasting time and money.

To prioritize strong ICPs, Lily AI imported data into their newly-adopted 6sense integration with Salesforce. This allowed for clean, accurate data and personalized outreach. Within three months, they had:

  • 9.5x increase in later-stage accounts
  • 69% of closed opportunities were identified by 6sense as a strong-profile fit

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Automox Gains 88% Increase in Closed-Won Deals by Leveraging 6QAs

Automox, an IT operations platform, relied on an inbound-heavy GTM strategy that left them in the dark about many potential sales opportunities. They adopted account-based marketing to launch an outbound sales motion, and integrated 6sense Qualified Accounts (6QAs) to fine-tune both marketing and sales efforts. 

The approach greatly improved sales opportunities, resulting in an 88% increase in closed won deals and 17% increase in opportunities. After launch new effort with 6sense, more than half of Automox’s closed won deals could be traced to ABM. 

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Acronis Increases Sales Team Efficiency 15-20% Using 6sense Insights

Acronis, a cyber security company, faced the challenge of handling an overwhelming number of incoming sales leads.

Integrating 6sense with Salesforce provided their teams with a convenient tool to identify leads with a higher intent to purchase, resulting in a 15-20% increase in efficiency. By enabling their sales team with 6sense Insights, they were able to easily organize accounts and gather information about each lead before reaching out.

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Ingeniux Finds Over $1 Billion in Pipeline Opportunities with 6sense Sales Intelligence

Ingeniux, a content management and experience platform for .NET organizations, was struggling to find brands interested in and seeking a completely revamped content infrastructure.

To solve the issue, they transitioned from focusing on marketing qualified leads (MQLs) to marketing qualified accounts (MQAs). They also implemented 6sense Sales Intelligence, which identified accounts ready to buy. The company experienced:

  • Over $1B in annual pipeline opportunities
  • Email open rates over 60%
  • 2x of sales development accounts. 

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SumoLogic: “What started as a marketing initiative is now the backbone of how we drive pipeline conversion.”

SumoLogic’s SaaS platform helps businesses analyze their web traffic to identify and quickly eliminate errors and threats. Recognizing the importance of aligning sales and marketing, SumoLogic performed a full revenue team roll-out of 6sense.

Using 6sense, the enterprise sales teams can narrow its target audience by identifying the accounts that are most likely to buy. This insight creates a solid foundation for success through cross-team collaboration, continual metric evaluation, and more.

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RepTrak Hits 106% of Pipeline Quota with 6sense Sales Intelligence

A global leader in reputation data and insights, RepTrak was struggling due to an outdated marketing tech stack that delivered metrics and MQLs that the sales team learned not to trust. Their VP of Global Marketing recognized that RepTalk needed a new approach to deliver actionable customer insights.

Turning to 6sense and implementing the No Forms. No Spam. No Cold Calls approach, led to:

  • 96% decrease in ad costs
  • 46% increase in engagement, and more 

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Trend Micro Gains Over 4x Average New Account Engagement With 6sense

Global cybersecurity leader Trend Micro experienced significant surges in sales requests as organizations adapted to remote work during the COVID-19 shutdowns. To keep up, the company transitioned from a regional field marketing structure to digital.

Trend Micro implemented an ABM strategy in order to strategically influence the accounts that they used to greet in-person. They became a 6sense customer and provided extensive training to help their revenue team adjust to a new way of working. 

Digital engagement shot through the roof, with over 4x the average new account engagement, and a 30% CTR, and 65% VTR for existing accounts.

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B2B Sales Success Breakthroughs with 6sense

6sense’s revenue intelligence platform is a powerful tool to drive business growth for B2B companies. By implementing an AI-back ABM strategy, companies are able to reduce waste, boost ROI, spot more opportunities, and deliver better customer experiences at all stages of the customer journey.

Featured Customer Stories

Marathon Health harnessed 6sense's capabilities to streamline their sales process and attach millions of pipeline to marketing campaigns. 

6sense empowers Drift users by proactively providing invaluable buyer-intent data on accounts that are visiting their websites.

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