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Martal Group Sharpens Their ‘Competitive Ax’ with 6sense’s Psychographic Data

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Edd Young, VP of Sales Operations at Martal Group, has over two decades of experience in sales and sales operations. So when the going got tough in early 2020, Edd and his team got going…and pivoted their sales strategy, which resulted in 762% growth since the beginning of COVID-19. 

Martal Group is a lead generation and sales agency that enhances the in-house sales teams of B2B companies by providing Sales Executives on demand. 

As a team of fractional employees, Martal Group has always been cautious about how using specific tools will influence results for their customers. 

6sense is one of the most impactful tools in their kit. Since 2022, 6sense has helped Martal Group pivot their strategy, remain nimble, and bring in millions of revenue for their customers.

The Challenge: Learning How to Hunt in a Changing Environment

The COVID-19 pandemic changed cold outreach forever. Back in 2020, Martal Group sensed this change immediately and quickly set out to adapt their sales strategy to the times. 

“Instead of emailing thousands of people, we knew we had to hunt differently,” Edd explains. 

This meant developing an account-based marketing (ABM) approach to engage smaller batches of people within a single account with more relevant, targeted messaging. 

But the company was cognizant of how traditional ABM programs can take time and significant effort to scale. That kind of timeline and cost went against the grain of Martal Group’s commitment to be lean with their time, budget, and tools. (For example, Martal Group sales representatives work up to 10 hours a week per client, constantly jumping from one ideal customer profile (ICP) to another.

“Even though our clients understand that our employees won’t spend all day or week on a single campaign,” Edd says, “my team still needs to understand how different tools impact clients.”

Since Martal Group works as on-demand sales reps, their clients are stakeholders in the tools they use. So, the tools Martal Group invest time and resources into impact the results they produce for their clients. 

Martal Group needed an ABM solution that delivered robust data — and revenue! — without sacrificing time, money, or resources. That’s where 6sense’s groundbreaking sales intelligence software Revenue AI(™) for Sales came into play. 

The Solution: Understanding the Buyer’s Mindset with Psychographic Data

To remain nimble, 6sense’s Revenue AI for Sales solution empowers Martal Group’s sales representatives with accurate, in-depth data to target the right net-new accounts at the right time and build stronger relationships with existing ones. 

One of the most impactful features of 6sense Revenue AI(™) for Sales is its psychographics capabilities, Edd says. These intent signals help sellers understand the mindsets of their buyers, such as their perspectives on lifestyle interests, communication preferences, and overall values.

“Psychographics changed the way I looked at intent,” Edd says. “They make the edge of our competitive ax sharper because they help us think deeper about what the recipient of an email is looking for — and what they’re truly concerned about.” 

With 6sense’s psychographic data, sales representatives narrow their email prospects by industry and constantly ask people for feedback on their strategies and results, opening doors for Martal Group to offer new solutions. 

“We don’t go in all ‘salesy’ with a call-to-action in the first line,” Edd explains. “Our emails aren’t a call to action but a call to understand our customers. The quality of 6sense’s data definitely deepens that understanding.”

Beyond 6sense’s high-quality product, Edd says his positive customer experience sets 6sense apart from competitors. 

“In my experience, with other tools like ZoomInfo, it was a pain to get an answer from somebody,” Edd says. “It could take a week to hear back from customer success managers. With 6sense, we don’t have to wait for an answer.” 

The Results

Martal Group’s success with 6sense is demonstrated in how their partners perform. For example, one G2 reviewer wrote that Martal Group grew over $10+ million. 

 “Their SDRs do a great job proactively reaching out to us when they are ready to convert the meeting, providing relevant background information and conversation notes,” the reviewer reported. “As a result, we have a very high percentage of scheduled meetings that successfully take place.”

In addition, one of Martal Group’s enterprise customers claimed a 20+% open rate in outbound email campaigns.

“Martal has been an instrumental part of extending our ability to outbound and reach enterprise brands through targeted messaging and an aggressive approach,” the customer said.

About the Customer

Founded in 2009, Martal Group is a top lead-generation and sales solution powered by human intelligence and reliable business data. As an on-demand sales partner in North America, Martal Group serves B2B tech companies by generating qualified leads, providing support staff and services through signed contracts. In addition, Martal Group’s team of fractional sales executives and account managers help companies source deals, pitch prospects, and win new business.

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