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6sense’s New Conversational Email Tool Increases Engagement, Conversions and Sales Efficiency

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Seventy-one percent of qualified leads never receive a follow-up after converting. That’s a nightmare statistic, representing a sobering amount of lost opportunity.

And those lost opportunities impact most sales organizations. Why? Because:

  • There aren’t enough BDRs or sales reps to follow up in a timely fashion
  • Too many leads are qualified because of arbitrary lead scoring
  • Their tools can’t qualify and prioritize leads

Ending the Cycle of Lost Opportunities

Companies often attempt to solve this problem through automated drip campaigns that deliver generic content and attempt to lure a prospect into booking a real conversation. But generic emails generate anemic results.

B2B companies need their email marketing to be timely, relevant, and personalized. Launching campaigns that speak directly to a buyer and their specific needs greatly increases the chances of engagement.

This type of personalized early-stage engagement is exactly what many teams don’t have time to do.

AI can help handle these initial conversations really well, warming up leads for you.

6sense’s newest AI-powered tool, Conversational Email, makes it easy to scale personalized email campaigns, engage with thousands of buyers simultaneously, and increase the effectiveness of sales follow-up.

During a recent study of Conversational Email’s effectiveness, 6sense customers reported:

  • 50% reduced deal cycle time (marketing-sourced opportunities)
  • 1.5x increase in average deal size (marketing-sourced opportunities)
  • $900K of new pipeline generated in four weeks

Automated and Personalized Campaigns Accelerate Accounts Through the Buyer’s Journey

Conversational Email’s intuitive conversational flow builder makes it easy to target different audiences with AI-powered emails and create automated follow-up.

Marketers can craft targeted email sequences based on buyer persona, intent keywords, and buying stage. Then, as the buyer responds to this outreach, the AI email assistant can:

  • Auto-generate relevant and personalized responses to individual buyers
  • Provide the exact experience they expect at their stage in the buying process, and
  • Nurture them toward action

Instead of relying on your BDRs’ precious and limited time and resources to qualify early-stage leads, Conversational Email allows the marketing team to leverage AI for qualifying prospects and moving them through their buyer’s journey.

The flow builder within Conversational Email.
The flow builder within Conversational Email.

Always-On Engagement Increases Conversions

Conversational Email eliminates the need to have a human always available to respond to inbound leads.

Harness the power of AI for your lead management process to automatically qualify and categorize accounts. Using integrations with Salesforce and sellers’ calendars, meetings can be automatically scheduled with buyers, reducing the chances of a lead going cold.

When your company launches a campaign that drives many leads — think a webinar or large-scale event — the AI tool automatically qualifies leads, follows up with them in a personalized way, and keeps them moving along the funnel.

Conversational Email lets your sellers focus on their top priorities. Sales will always require some sifting through leads that may initially seem marginal. But treating those lower-priority leads like an afterthought is a surefire way to ensure your business becomes an afterthought for them, too.

Conversational Email lets AI do the heavy lifting to find the great leads hidden amongst the so-so ones.

Increase Seller Efficiency and the Effectiveness

According to Forbes, sellers spend only about 35% of their time performing their key role: driving revenue.

They spend time hunting for prospects, making fruitless cold calls, updating various systems, or crafting emails that will go unopened.

Conversational Email gives that time back to sellers so they can focus on driving actual opportunities forward and providing buyers with a winning experience.

And it ensures a consistent and great experience for prospects, too.

Creating a dynamic introduction email with Conversational Email.
Creating a dynamic introduction email with Conversational Email.


Conversational Email takes away the headaches that come with traditional email marketing and lead follow-up to help your teams re-imagine personalized experiences to their buyers at scale.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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