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Ingeniux Leads with Value and Ramps Sales Engagement with 6sense

Seattle, WA
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Revenue AI for Marketing


Open rates for marketing email cadences

$1 billion plus

annual average revenue of new pipeline opportunities

Ingeniux is an agile experience platform for digital content management, empowering brands to manage and deliver content to websites, portals, apps, and technical publishing.

By moving from a marketing-qualified lead (MQL) approach to a marketing-qualified account (MQA) strategy supported by 6sense’s data, Ingeniux saw dramatic results:

  • cost for qualified prospects dropped from over $100 to a few dollars per account
  • marketing email sequence open rates increased above 60%
  • doubled the sales development accounts without adding headcount
  • average annual revenue of new pipeline opportunities increased to over $1B

The Challenge

The biggest challenge for Ingeniux is that the CMS market is saturated; most brands already have an established content management system, so the Ingeniux sales and marketing teams were challenged to find “needles in the haystack” — brands looking to entirely re-platform their content infrastructure.

Previously, the revenue org was proficient at generating hundreds of MQLs through demand generation campaigns, but when reviewing the leads, there was a disconnect. The form-fillers that made up the bulk of the MQLs were not actually in-market for Ingeniux’s solution.

The accounts Ingeniux wanted to talk to – the ones they could truly help – were conducting anonymous research in the Dark Funnel™, where they could only be uncovered by a solution like 6sense.

In-Market Is the New Inbound

Ingeniux chose 6sense because it could identify in-market accounts using intent data with accuracy, precision, and speed, while also providing an account-based advertising platform to surround target customers with brand messaging and promotions to establish awareness and credibility.

With the insights 6sense provides, Ingeniux shifted from their traditional MQL approach to a more beneficial MQA model. Demand generation campaigns were re-optimized to focus on account engagement goals and conversions, such as viewing pricing, meeting requests, and content resource views.

This was a smart move from a cost perspective. A single MQL costs over $100, whereas MQAs — using 6sense’s native engagement capabilities, lookalike audience targeting capabilities, and integrations to Google AdWords, Facebook, and LinkedIn — can be engaged for only a few dollars per account.

With the new buyer intent data-driven program, the team saw immediate results. Open rates for the email sequences rose to over 60%, twice the rate of similar programs.

Transforming Sales Through Data

While marketing continued the account warming and qualification process via campaigns and other programs, sales development assumed the responsibility of using 6sense data to find the right contacts for in-market customer accounts and create the sales opportunity pipeline.

Right Accounts, Right Time

With 6sense integrations to Salesforce and Outreach, Ingeniux reps could easily leverage keyword traffic, ad campaign insights, website traffic, and buying stages and intent scores.

Accounts whose intent scores indicate a readiness to purchase are prioritized for personalized outreach. Accounts that are still in the “consideration” buying phase (as predicted by 6sense’s AI) are scheduled for a more automated — while still personalized — approach.

This level of tiering allowed the Ingeniux team to more than double the number of accounts in the sales development program without adding additional headcount or resources.

Moreover, because the team was no longer canvassing the market to find in-market accounts —6sense’s AI does the work for them — the messaging shifted from high-level qualification to what the team calls a “lead with value” approach, made possible by the deep insights 6sense provides about what accounts and buyers care most about.

The size of the accounts added to the pipeline has also dramatically increased. The average annual revenue of accounts with new pipeline opportunities generated with their 6sense-powered program is over $1B.

The Results

A new approach – shifting from MQL to MQAs – supported by 6sense paid off quite literally for Ingeniux.

  • Qualified account prospect cost fell from over $100 to a few dollars
  • Open rates increased above 60% for marketing email cadences
  • Sales development accounts doubled with no added resources
  • New pipeline opportunities increased to over $1B annual average revenue

With 6sense to help them sort through the haystack in search of their “needle” of qualified accounts, Ingeniux now connects to the right people in the right accounts at the right time with the right message.

About the Customer

Ingeniux is a leading provider of intelligent content management and digital experience software. Ingeniux technology empowers organizations with a .NET platform for websites, portals, communities, and structured content delivery.

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