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The Tipalti Sales Team Takes Prospecting to the Next Level with 6sense

San Mateo, CA
Revenue AI for Marketing

Tipalti is an end-to-end accounts payable software solution that automates the entire supplier payments operation.

They brought 6sense on board to help with sales personalization, and reaped solid results:

  • personalizing outreach based on account’s keyword searches
  • customizing display ads that brought over $250K in opportunities in one quarter
  • uniting sales and marketing on a single source of truth

The Challenge

As a fintech business providing consolidated accounts payable and remittance automation services, Tipalti targets different industries, each having unique needs for their accounts payable processes. In order to ensure their outreach efforts were highly personalized, they needed more comprehensive data than what was available in their CRM.

Getting Sales on Board

The Tipalti sales development representative (SDR) team jumped right in with 6sense, leveraging data and insights on a day-to-day basis to map out their actions.

After linking their accounts between Salesforce and 6sense, they set up daily Slack and email alerts for sales to stay on top of any and all changes in activity. Whether accounts were visiting Tipalti’s website or researching specific keywords, the SDRs could respond with the proper action and message.

Customizing Messaging with Data

On the Salesforce side, the SDRs heavily tuned into the insights provided by 6sense Sales Intelligence when they wanted to understand how and when key personas within the account were engaging. They used the engagement timeline to analyze any recent spikes in activity, and intent keywords to tailor personalized outreach.

The marketing team also built a suggested content matrix for SDRs to refer to when an account was researching a particular keyword. This matrix contained specific pieces of content to send based on the intent keywords being searched, allowing the SDRs to craft personalized messaging accordingly.

Marketing Joins the Team

The Tipalti marketing team also used 6sense to create stellar display campaigns that brought in over $250K in opportunities during a single quarter.

Tipalti’s target accounts were split by accounts payable and digital companies, which have entirely different payment models.

No problem. Marketing used 6sense to serve their accounts payable targets different display ads and messaging down the funnel depending on where the prospect was in the buying journey: Target, Awareness, Consideration, or Purchase. The same structure was used for their mass pay accounts, but with unique messaging and display ads designed and targeted for that audience.

The Tipalti marketing team also used targeted display for events. Before a specific event, the marketing team began tracking a set of keywords particular to the event that they might not normally track, and used that audience to target and personalize outreach.

Tracking Account-Based Metrics

Tarrant explained 6sense was especially helpful in allowing for flexible reporting, as 6sense added a layer of deep insights, illuminating their static CRM data with a detailed view of an account’s actions and where they were in their buying journey.

The best part for the sales team was the dynamic element of the 6sense data, allowing for both flexible reporting as well as a consistently and automatically updated list of account activity for the sales team to then determine the best actions to follow up with.

Although Tipalti’s sales and marketing teams were well-aligned prior to 6sense, having a single source of truth in 6sense strengthened the bond between the two teams.

The Results

“6sense, and its predictive capabilities in particular, has made things a lot more visual for us. Seeing and having full visibility into the activity has been a big part of our success,” says Tarrant. The sales team was proactively using it in their day-to-day efforts, and no one had to check on the usage metrics because it was constantly being referenced in daily conversations and meetings.

With 6sense’s data and insights, the Tipalti team:

  • used keyword searches to customize messaging
  • brought in over $250K in opportunities in one quarter through personalized display ads
  • strengthened the connection across the revenue team

Tarrant put it simply: “It’s a tool that sales people love, and as a marketer, that’s the best thing you can ask for.”

About the Customer

Tipalti comes from the Hebrew expression for "We handled it." Tipalti is the only company handling both Accounts Payable and Global Partner Payments workflows for high-velocity companies across the entire financial operations cycle: onboarding and managing global suppliers, instituting procurement controls, streamlining invoice processing and approvals, executing payments around the world and reconciling payables data across a multi-subsidiary finance organization.

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