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Five B2B Sales Emails We Were Told Not to Send

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The 6sense Demand Gen team hard at work.

6sense recently released Revenue AI™ for Sales, a suite of technologies that gives sellers everything they need to confidently pursue accounts and convert them into customers. And naturally, our Demand Generation team wanted to help spread the word.

Now, our Demand Gen team is an excitable, evangelistic bunch. And that’s why they kinda lost it — correction: totally lost it — when we debuted Revenue AI™ for Sales’ new rad capabilities.

Buzzing with excitement, they feverishly fired up their laptops and whipped up a (very) enthusiastic four-week, five-email nurture to promote Revenue AI for Sales™. They smashed those emails into Marketo, primed them for distro, and was about to hit “send”…

…when cooler heads prevailed.

(And by cooler heads, we mean our grumpy very responsible VP of Growth Marketing.)

Now, it looks like the Demand Gen team has gone rogue again because they’ve somehow commandeered our blog to share those long-lost emails with you and the rest of the world…

EMAIL 1 — SUBJECT: we’re both kinda stuck here, so let’s make the best of it

Hey [first_name],

So I drew the short straw at work and had to write the nurture emails this week.

I hate writing these things probably as much as you hate getting them. But we’re both getting paid decent money right now to spend time in your inbox, so let’s be Inbox Buddies for two more minutes so I can do my song and dance, slide in a CTA at the end, and then quietly — maybe desperately — hope that you’ll respond.

So here’s the deal: You’ve heard of 6sense, but you might not have heard about the brand-new upgrade to our platform: 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales. Here’s the Three Obligatory Bullet Points:

  • It finds net-new accounts that are actively seeking solutions like yours
  • It reveals prospects’ keyword research, website visits, and more to make every touchpoint count
  • And it reduces churn and drives cross-sells by alerting you when customers research competitors’ solutions

TL;DR: It’s X-ray specs for salespeople, baby.

Now we’re at the part of the email where I ask you to reply if you’d like to learn more.

How about it?



EMAIL 2 — SUBJECT: in-thread

Hey [first_name],


Since you’re reading this, that means you didn’t click “unsubscribe” to my last email, and you didn’t mark me as spam, and you didn’t block me on LinkedIn. So it looks like I dodged more bullets than Keanu did IN ALL THE JOHN WICK MOVIES COMBINED.

(Again I say: Whoa.)

Well, now it’s time to clutch hands like Thelma and Louise and drive our ’66 Thunderbird toward a cliff because I’ve got two totally demoralizing stats to share with you:

  • Only a pitiful 3% of website visitors ever fill out a webform (which is how most revenue teams get their qualified leads), and
  • Buyers spend 70% of their journey conducting research alone, across the B2B web (where your reps can’t control the narrative)

Buyers do this because they know the game. Fill out just a single webform, and you’re smothered in spam and cold calls … FOREVER. 

But!  (You knew there was a “but” coming because you know the game, too. 😉 )

But here’s the cure for those bummer stats: Buyers don’t like being sold to, but they love getting consultative help when they need it. This is how your reps can stand out, earn trust, and close deals.

Since I gotta hit quota, it’s time to mention 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales. It helps your reps help their buyers by:

  • Matching anonymous web traffic and intent signals to buyers
  • Identifying their place in the buying journey and their unique concerns based on persona, tech stack, company size, industry, personal interests, and more 
  • Telling reps how to best engage the account, which gets rid of money- and time-wasting guesswork

Something something obligatory CTA to read about Revenue AI for Sales goes here. Or you can reply to this email and we can chit-chat about it. 

What do you say, Inbox Buddy?



EMAIL 3 — SUBJECT: it’s like a Crystal Ball for your reps

Hey [first_name],

Whaaaaaat? We’re in Week 3 of this nutty campaign and my words are still hitting your eyeballs? This is what love must feel like. You’re no longer my Inbox Buddy. You’re my Inbox BESTIE.

So close your eyes, bestie (metaphorically, of course … you still gotta read) and think about all the guesswork your reps make every day about their accounts. They’re wasting time and money because they don’t know which accounts are in-market, or who to contact first.


It’s 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales, and it gets rid of all that mystery. Here’s how:

  • It focuses your sellers’ efforts with prioritized account lists, so they always know the best accounts to work
  • It arms them with trending contacts and recommended actions so your sellers will always know who to engage, and why
  • Here’s a third bullet point because having only 2 bullets looks weird

And it works. PTC sourced millions in net-new pipeline from 6sense-identified accounts in just three months … Auth0 generated $3 million in pipeline … and Showpad improved close rates by 289% using 6sense to prioritize their efforts. 

Take a look at those stories the Customer Marketing team made me put in that last paragraph, and then reach out if you want to learn more.




EMAIL 4 — SUBJECT: you’ve got the One Ring to rule them all

Hey [first_name] (aka INBOX BESTIE!!),

I binged the “Lord of the Rings” movies (again), and realized that 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales and those movies’ One True Ring have something in common:

  • Both grant you amazing powers to view Middle Earth the buyer’s journey in unique ways, and understand the behaviors of hobbits buyers far better than the competition. This gives you a supreme advantage during the Battle at Helm’s Deep B2B selling.

(come to think about it, that’s really where the similarities stop because 6sense is a very helpful revenue platform and the One Ring is basically a brain-warping misery machine controlled by a floating eyeball made of living hellfire and holy crap that’s terrifying)

For 6sense users, this “supreme advantage” means assembling data sources, account insights, and contact information into a single streamlined view within the tools your reps are already using, every day.

This means they’re not clicking, like, a thousand browser tabs to get their work done. They’re efficient. They’ve got power.

There’s tons of upside to this, but here are three big wins that I totally wrote just now all by myself:

< insert snippet marketing_value_prop#56 >

Unify Marketing & Sales Data: The entire revenue team gets a complete view of all account activity, intent signals, contact data, firmographic, technographic, and psychographic details in one place.

Engage With Ease: Armed with highly relevant buyer insights, your reps can quickly add contacts to cadences or engage them directly via immediate access to accurate contact information.

Streamline Just About Everything: You can bring together modern prospecting workflows and buyer intelligence inside leading CRM and sales engagement platforms.

< end snippet marketing_value_prop#56 >

Want to learn more about it? Just hit reply.

Namárië, my friend!


EMAIL 5 — SUBJECT: Fare thee well, Inbox Bestie!

Hey [first_name],

…And now … the end is here … And so I face … the final curtain…

This is the last time I’ll be in your inbox for a while. We had some good times, didn’t we? We became Inbox Buddies … I got PIP’ed by my boss for writing completely unprofessional yet strangely compelling emails … Ah, the memories.

…My friend, I’ll say it clear … I’ll state my case, of which I’m certain…

It’s time to wrap up this campaign, but I hope you learned a few things about 6sense Revenue AI™ for Sales along the way.

…I’ve lived … a life that’s full… 

Me, I’ll cherish shamelessly promoting its rad flexibility, like how it:

  • Finds net-new accounts that are actively seeking your solution
  • Reveals prospects’ keyword research and website visits to make every touchpoint count
  • Reduces churn by tipping you to when your customers are researching  competitors’ solutions

…I traveled each … and every highway…

And I’ll never forget cheerfully shilling how Revenue AI for Sales:

  • Gives sellers prioritized account lists, so they always know which accounts to work
  • Arms them with Recommended Actions so they always know what to do next
  • Brings together modern prospecting workflows and buyer intelligence inside the tools your reps already use every day

…And more, much more than this…

So here’s my final ask: Send me the names of a few of your competitors. That’s it. I’ll respond with a list of accounts that 6sense has identified as “hot prospects” in your industry. (These are companies that are actively researching your competitors.)

This could surface some opportunities you didn’t know about — and help you outflank those competitors with some savvy account engagement.

…I did it myyyyyyy wayyyyyy

What do you say?



The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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