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6sense Announces the Launch of Revenue AI for Sales, Ushering Sellers into the Age of Intelligence

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Excited sales team celebrates a big deal.

6sense is excited to announce the launch of Revenue AI for Sales.

This new platform will transform sellers’ everyday lives, making it easier to:

  • Find prospects and accounts in-market for your solutions
  • Prioritize a seller’s day with high-impact activities
  • Uncover deeper insights about buyers and marketing tools 

Revenue AI for Sales is designed to help sellers enter the Age of Intelligence. For far too long, sellers have been inundated with data and technology that only makes it harder to do their jobs. Instead of providing insights, data has created noise that creates confusion and impedes action.

What’s needed now is technology that synthesizes the most important information and delivers it in an easy-to-understand package. Sellers need a new edge on the competition because everyone has access to the same high-level data.

To do better — to sell better — they need actual intelligence on their buyers and accounts.

Revenue AI for Sales delivers the solution.

No More Guesswork — Prioritize the Most Important Accounts

Sellers spend roughly 20% of their time prospecting and trying to prioritize their time. That’s 20% not spent moving deals forward, engaging with interested buyers, or multithreading a deal.

Revenue AI for Sales gives that valuable time back to sellers by serving up the hottest accounts and buyers and shining a spotlight on where sales teams should spend their time. 

As soon as users log into the platform, they’re greeted with a dashboard that highlights their top accounts showing signs of buying intent.

The dashboard shows sellers the accounts that:

  • Are visiting your website
  • Use technologies that complement yours
  • Have multiple decision makers researching your solutions 
  • Are researching your competitors

Revenue AI for Sales captures these signals and determines which accounts sellers should be focusing on.

The Revenue AI for Sales dashboard gives instant insights into accounts that should be engaged with. The dashboard shows a list of accounts, how hot the accounts are, what actions the account has recently taken, and a fever chart indicating trends in their level of intent.
The Revenue AI for Sales dashboard gives instant insights into accounts that deserve engagement.

Dig Deeper Into Accounts Faster with Unparalleled Account and Buyer Insights

Revenue AI for Sales really shines when a seller digs into their top accounts.

Every seller strives to deliver a personalized experience for their buyer. They want to speak to an account’s unique needs and the pain points they’re facing. But this becomes difficult when dealing with multiple technologies and a mountain of data standing in the seller’s way.

Revenue AI for Sales provides sellers with a dossier full of deeper insights about their buyers and accounts in one platform.

Within the platform sellers can see information about an account’s:

  • Firmographics
  • Technographics
  • Psychographics
  • Contact information
  • Buyers’ skills, education, and past experiences

This information gives sellers a 360-degree view of their accounts and the buying team members within those companies. Instead of spending hours on LinkedIn or within other data tools, they can access the reliable, up-to-date information they need in a few clicks.

The detailed company overview page within 6sense’s Revenue AI for Sales shows firmographic information about an account, activities that indicate buying intent, links to social media channels, and recommended talking points.
The detailed company overview page within 6sense’s Revenue AI for Sales.

What’s Next? Revenue AI for Sales Leads the Way

Similar to the time-consuming nature of prospecting and lead-hunting is the conundrum sellers face when they’re actively working an account: What are the next steps?

Should a seller keep engaging the same contact? Should they focus on multithreading the deal with more important stakeholders? Do they have enough information to engage at the right level with a buyer for where they are in the buyer’s journey?

Revenue AI for Sales offers recommended actions for sellers to increase their engagement with key buyers. 

When users browse the Recommended Actions section, they’ll see a list of contacts and:

  • Their respective account
  • The reason they deserve engagement
  • How to engage them
  • Their most recent activity
  • The last time sales engaged them
  • Links to more information about the contact

With Recommended Actions, sellers don’t have to hunt through multiple systems to get a picture of which buyers they should be talking with. Revenue AI for Sales makes it clear which contacts are a priority, how sales should engage with them, and provides the most robust information about them possible.

The Recommended Actions tab within Revenue AI for Sales provides insights into who a seller should engage with and why. There is also quick info about how likely an individual is to influence a deal, the last time the person engaged with you content (if ever), the last time your sales team reached out, and links to social media profiles so you can quickly reach key decision makers.
The Recommended Actions tab within Revenue AI for Sales provides insights into who a seller should engage with and why.


It’s time for sellers to enter the Age of Intelligence, where data isn’t a hindrance but actively works for them. Instead of logging into multiple platforms, sending cold emails to buyers who aren’t interested, or failing to find key stakeholders at accounts, it’s time to leverage AI to reveal the most efficient and effective sales activities.

Revenue AI for Sales will enhance every aspect of the sales process and:

  • Increase high-quality pipeline
  • Improve conversion metrics throughout the funnel
  • Reduce GTM waste across all your sales motions

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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