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Ivanti Drives Engagement and Increases Win Rates by 154% with 6sense

South Jordan, UT
Revenue AI for Marketing

$263.2 million

in influenced pipeline


increase in win rates YoY


increase in average deal sizes for opportunity pipeline generation

With nearly 40,000 customers and 80 products in their portfolio, Ivanti has established itself as an IT software leader since 1995. Some of Ivanti’s most impactful growth has come from acquisitions, which have resulted in growing pains around merging customer data.

Carole Groombridge, Ivanti’s Senior Director of Global Marketing Programs, has worked in IT for nearly 15 years and has used 6sense in previous roles. She joined the Ivanti team just as they rolled out 6sense in 2021.

Ivanti’s use of 6sense spans the entire revenue team — from business development representatives (BDRs) to paid media marketers. 

“Not having 6sense is like walking into a room with the lights off. How would you know where to look for the accounts that matter in the market? That’s what 6sense has brought to us,” Carole says. 

Carole and her team ‌explain how 6sense intent data and account prioritization capabilities help them achieve remarkable results in sales outreach and paid media campaigns. 

The Challenge: No Single Source of Truth

“When I joined in May 2021, the business was split into core Ivanti products and the acquired businesses. It hadn’t been fully integrated,” Carole says. 

Some acquired businesses had comprehensive contact data, while others didn’t.

“Before 6sense — there was no single source of truth on our accounts or contact-level data. Metrics and measurements were difficult because we had multiple platforms,” Carole says. 

The acquisitions also confused customers about Ivanti’s brand, the breadth of their offerings, and overall capabilities. 

 “It is challenging every day. The enterprise space is ever-changing, especially when you consider the landscape and the products we offer. We have 80 different products, so it’s not one size fits all. We need so much data just to have a functional conversation about what’s happening,” Michael Goldwater, Ivanti’s Director of Enterprise and Business Development, says.

So, Ivanti dove head-first into 6sense to optimize data and leverage the full power of account prioritization across sales and marketing.

The Solution: 6sense

6sense’s built-in Customer Data Platform (CDP) played a central role in creating a single source of truth for Ivanti by capturing and consolidating data from disparate systems and then pushing that data back out to tools used by sellers. 

6sense has given me a lot of confidence that we are spending our marketing dollars correctly,” Carole says. 

6sense helps Ivanti paint a clear picture of what potential customers are interested in with past purchase history, intent keywords, competitor research, and profile-fit data. 

“The thing I love most within 6sense is the intent keywords because it gives me a feel for what’s going on in the market as a whole and how to direct or redirect campaigns that are in-market,” Carole says. 
Ivanti marketers run top-tier marketing campaigns with 6sense, while BDRs use 6sense Rev AI for Sales to make informed selling decisions.

Unlocking 6sense’s Full Power with Revenue AI for Sales

Through account prioritization, Ivanti has nearly tripled the number of BDR-contributed opportunities within a year of implementing 6sense, leading them to win the Sales Success Award at Breakthrough 2023, 6sense’s annual user conference. 

With a 93% adoption rate, Ivanti’s BDRs see the value of being 6sense power users. 

Leveraging Rev AI for Sales’ direct integrations with Salesforce and Outreach, Carole says, “BDRs are the lynchpin in the sales organization for the consumption of intelligence from the platform.” 

At Ivanti, BDRs work in pods with an account executive, customer success manager, renewal specialist, and solutions engineer.  

Ivanti BDRs are taking advantage of 6sense Rev AI for Sales by using account prioritization to help focus their pods on in-market companies, grabbing contact data to book meetings with buying team members, and using partner intent and keyword data to identify competitors. 

The results give BDRs quantifiable evidence of their success with 6sense: 

  • 131% increase in qualified meetings from the BDR organization 
  • 110% increase in qualified opportunities 
  • New pipeline generated by BDRs is at 176% of goal at the close of Q2 2023

 “6sense has given BDRs much greater importance within their sales pods. They’re no longer viewed as someone sitting on the phone all day and reaching a new contact. They’re bringing a huge amount of extra value to the team,” Carole says. 

That value extends to Ivanti’s marketing team, making sure that sales and marketing are working together to target the same accounts that they feel matter based on intent data. 

Driving Account Reach and Engagement at Scale with 6sense

Krista Becker, Global Digital Marketing, says 6sense is central to Ivanti’s paid media campaigns

“I love the advertising campaign area. You have your dashboard with your metrics, and then you can dig into each campaign if needed for your optimizations for specific enhancements.”

One example: Ivanti’s Blended Value Driver evergreen campaign was created to engage current Ivanti customers. The campaign communicates value-based messaging to existing customers to help Ivanti learn about their challenges and offer related content to develop deeper relationships.

Campaign Overview

With goals to demonstrate measurable account reach and improved account engagement by creating a more reciprocal relationship with customers, here’s an overview of Ivanti’s Blended Value Driver campaign: 

Demographic: Customers in North America, the U.K., the Netherlands, France, Germany, and Australia with 1,000+ employees 

Channels: 6sense Display Ads and LinkedIn (video ads, single images, carousel, and document ads)

In addition to paid channels, Ivanti coordinated marketing efforts with the same messaging across email and organic social media.


  • January 2023: Paid media spending strictly focused on LinkedIn video ad campaigns
  • March 2023: Diversified content on LinkedIn with a retargeting layer to reach Consideration-stage accounts, featuring a wider variety of assets, including eBooks, blog posts, and tool kits
  • April 2023: Revamped the messaging and created a dedicated campaign landing page. Expanded campaign efforts to Awareness-stage accounts with 6sense Display Banners for EMEA regions. 

Results: 6sense’s engagement reporting allowed Ivanti to zero in on target account segments and track the growth in engagement, influenced pipeline, and closed/won revenue: 

  • 71% increase in Opps Created, resulting in $263.2 million in influenced pipeline 
  • 94% increase in Opps Won, resulting in $ 18.4 million in revenue 

Continuous Wins with 6sense 

Before Ivanti implemented 6sense, their revenue team members were overwhelmed with aggregating data from disparate systems — a legacy of acquiring multiple companies that used different tools. 6sense continues to unite Ivanti marketers and sellers with a single source of truth, which has resulted in the following: 

  • A 154% increase in win rate YoY
  • $263.2 million in Influenced pipeline; $18.4 million in revenue 
  • A 43% increase in average deal sizes for opportunity pipeline generation

“6sense has brought a much stronger cohesion between sales and marketing. We’re all focused on the same thing. We’re all working from the same platform. It’s a consistent approach,” Carole says. 

About the Customer

Ivanti is a global IT software company that provides solutions for managing and securing devices, applications, and data in various IT environments. Their products encompass a range of IT management and security services, including endpoint management, asset management, security management, and service management. Ivanti's comprehensive approach helps organizations streamline their IT operations, enhance security, and improve overall efficiency in managing their IT infrastructure.

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