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A Collection of B2B Marketing Case Studies

Revenue AI for Marketing

From Leads to Conversions: Case Studies on B2B Marketing with 6sense

AI marketing software transforms B2B sales efforts by enabling marketers to accurately identify and engage high-intent prospects. When you know which accounts are ready to buy — and what research is capturing their attention — it opens the door for smarter campaigns.

Discover how companies like yours refined their B2B marketing strategies and drove more revenue and ROI: 

DealHub Proves Marketing ROI, Increases Inbound Traffic 55% Using 6sense

DealHub was using LinkedIn to target their ideal prospects, and it was driving traffic to their website, but they struggled to measure impact since most of the traffic was anonymous. They used 6sense to match anonymous traffic to specific accounts, and to see which accounts were being influenced by the ads they had seen.

Eighty percent of their web traffic was matched to accounts. On top of proving the value of their LinkedIn efforts, DealHub was able to measure the impact of their entire multichannel marketing approach by aggregating intent data. 

The deeper view into account activity also helped BDRs cherry-pick accounts that were ripe for outreach.

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Marathon Health Powers Marketing with 6sense, Sees $66M in Net-New Pipeline

Millions of small and medium-sized businesses look to provide healthcare benefits for their employees. Marathon Health’s challenge was to peer into that vast market and find the sliver who were ready and able to invest in a new solution. But their marketing team was tiny, and their sales reps were relying on cold calling of account lists. Missed opportunities were endemic.

They harnessed 6sense to hone in on in-market accounts, target their marketing efforts, and build scalable processes. The result: $66 million in net-new pipeline. And “we’re really just scratching the surface.” 

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SUCCESS Computer Consulting Succeeds With Data-Driven Targeting and Personalization

SUCCESS Computer Consulting (SCC), a provider of managed IT support for small and medium-sized businesses, traded cold outreach for 6sense-powered Account-Based Marketing, which helped them build better:

  • Targeting
  • Audience Segments
  • Personalized Email and Content
  • Prioritization Dashboards and Alerts for Sellers

This resulted in a 15% increase in email open rates, five percent increase in click rates, and more email replies. After initial ramp-up, in months six through 12, every single closed deal could be traced back to the marketing teams’s journey-based digital ads.

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Motorola Adopts Revenue AI for Marketing to Boost Win Rates and Spot Missed Opportunities

Motorola Solutions, a leader in mission-critical communications products, solutions, and services, wanted to convert more of its large number of leads into sales. 

Marketing used 6sense to hone in on buying personas, craft content for accounts based on buying stage, and alert sales reps to accounts with high purchase intent. 

In addition to increasing win rates, the marketing team also used intent data to identify high-purchase accounts that were previously off the team’s radar. Those were previously missed opportunities. Now, some are customers.

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Improved B2B Marketing Strategy Boosts CTR 30% for Trend Micro

COVID brought an onslaught of remote work, causing a significant increase in sales requests for a global leader in cybersecurity, Trend Micro. To meet growing demand, they took a new, digital approach to marketing using an Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategy and 6sense. 

The company trained its revenue team to effectively implement the two and quickly saw over 4x the average new account engagement, as well as an increase in CTR (30%) and VTR (65%) for existing accounts. 

Read this case study to explore how Trend Micro’s agility and strategy led to success in B2B marketing. 

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RepTrak Increases Contract Value and Sales Velocity

RepTrak’s numbers speak for themselves. After working with 6sense Revenue AI™ to upgrade their tech stack and implement an ABM approach to B2B marketing and sales, they enjoyed:

  • 96% decrease in ad costs
  • 46% increase in ad engagement
  • 106% of pipeline quota goal
  • 22 day reduction in sales cycle
  • 64% increase in contract value 

Discover the full details of Reptrak’s B2B marketing journey.

PTC Combines RevTech Tools to Engineer a Breakthrough

PTC, a global software company, aimed to improve customer experiences and grow pipeline. With a strong marketing ops team focused on data-driven strategies, PTC signed contracts with 6sense, Drift, and to create its “ROI (revenue, orchestration, and intelligence) Engine.” 

PTC’s ROI Engine identifies high-intent accounts using 6sense’s Revenue AI for Marketing tool, and uses intent data to deliver personalized communication across customer touchpoints. 

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Zendesk Empowers BDRs and Drives Opportunities Using 6sense Insights

Zendesk has been growing since 2007, but when the customer communications SaaS company was ready to target more enterprise-size customers, they realized they needed a new approach. Huge companies also have huge buying committees, which meant Zendesk needed a more complete view of stakeholder activity within their target accounts.

Using 6sense, Zendesk improved BDR efficiency and B2B prospecting by identifying accounts with high purchase intent — often meaning multiple key personas were engaged in the buying journey. 6sense also allows Zendesk to analyze research patterns and personalize messaging. 

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AI Marketing Software Drives Revenue and Empowers Business

6sense Revenue AI for Marketing’s ability to equip B2B marketing teams with powerful intent data drives business growth and increases ROI. But that’s only part of the picture. Orchestrations make it possible for lean marketing teams to have a massive impact on pipeline, and to run personalized campaigns that are in lockstep with a customer’s buying journey.

Featured Customer Stories

Marathon Health harnessed 6sense's capabilities to streamline their sales process and attach millions of pipeline to marketing campaigns. 

6sense empowers Drift users by proactively providing invaluable buyer-intent data on accounts that are visiting their websites.

Recently, the company built a unique martech stack — featuring 6sense, Drift and — that revolutionized its ability to identify, connect with, and pursue new business.

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