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Aligning Sales and Marketing with Intent Data: How Motorola Filled the Gap

Chicago, IL
Revenue AI for Marketing
Motorola Solutions

Aligning Sales and Marketing with Intent Data: How Motorola Filled the Gap

Motorola Solutions knew they needed to find the right ABM solution to accelerate pipeline and drive more revenue.

Using 6sense data as the platform for their ABM strategy, Motorola Solutions:

  • built custom advertising for accounts in decision stages
  • delivered those accounts to sales when they were demonstrating strong purchase intent
  • exposed sales to entirely new accounts and new opportunities

The Challenge

Tony Condi, Senior Director of Integrated Marketing and Operations at Motorola Solutions, explains that prior to 6sense, his team generated a large number of leads on an annual basis. But they wanted to convert more of those leads into sales.

In order to do that they needed insights into the buying stages of accounts as well as what personas were involved.

Tony’s team was so serious about finding the right solution that they put 6sense and another vendor head-to-head, running a pilot program with both.

6sense came out as the clear winner. “It gave us a high level of confidence that 6sense was the right solution for us and was going to deliver the solutions that we needed.”

Their first step was using 6sense to gain insight into where accounts were in the buying cycle and what personas were involved.

The marketing team actively created segments in various verticals in order to identify which companies were in the consideration or buying stage. They then ran targeted display campaigns specific to those accounts aligning to the stage they were in.

The Handoff

Marketing also began identifying accounts that were showing a strong intent to purchase the solutions Motorola offers and delivering them to the sales team. “We are equipping our salespeople with solid leads from real companies who are actively looking to buy a solution we offer,” Condi said.

This data meant the sales team was able to get into deals before a decision was made, but it also put them in a position to support the buyers in obtaining a solution they genuinely needed.

And being able to prioritize leads with 6sense’s lead scoring helped the marketing call center know which accounts to call on first and put into the nurture track for the various sales teams.

“Identifying companies who are actively searching for our solution that were previously unknown to us is absolutely tremendous and it gives us the ability to bring those accounts in, create segments, and be more specific and targeted with our marketing towards those companies,” Condi said.

The Results

Motorola Solutions didn’t need more leads, they needed better information to help them get in front of the right people with the right information at the right time. With 6sense intent data underlying their ABM efforts, the revenue team was able to move into a seamless flow:

  • marketing identified and targeted likely accounts, then
  • handed them off to sales when they were demonstrating decision-stage intent
  • and opened up the Dark Funnel to previously hidden opportunities.

About the Customer

Motorola Solutions is a leader in mission-critical communications products, solutions & services for communities & businesses.

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