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6sense Helps PTC Operate an ROI (Revenue Orchestration Intelligence) Engine

Boston, MA
Revenue AI for Marketing

PTC is a global software company transforming how companies create, operate, and service products.

Recently, the company built a unique martech stack — featuring 6sense, Drift and — that revolutionized its ability to identify, connect with, and pursue net-new business. This has led to faster and clearer:

  • Identification of prospects
  • Connection with accounts
  • Research on buying stages
  • Information on account needs and interest
  • Evaluation of new and existing pipeline

The Challenge

PTC was looking for a solution that combined account-intent programs with AI platforms. The goal: to deliver an industry-leading, customer-centric digital experience that delivers value-led content at every buyer interaction, resulting in pipeline growth.

The company has a strong marketing ops team with a “data-driven everything” mentality. When it came to discuss integrating new solutions into its existing tech stack, PTC invested tremendous diligence into its research.

PTC conducted through evaluations over several months. After careful consideration, PTC chose to simultaneously sign contracts with 6sense, Drift, and

Building the Martech Team

The combination of these three complementary solutions empowers PTC’s sales and marketing teams to be smarter and faster in their outreach. It enables them to deliver relevant, memorable value at every buyer interaction, too.

6sense, Drift and bring individual strengths to PTC’s tech stack, creating what the company calls its “ROI Engine” — with ROI representing revenue, orchestration, and intelligence.

  • 6sense identifies VIP accounts and activities, while also uncovering new high-intent accounts that deserve robust engagement
  • Conversational marketing platform Drift enables direct engagement with B2B buyers through its chatbot, initiating the right connections at the right time
  • seamlessly integrates the sales team’s outreach and activities into PTC’s CRM to reveal an ideal, proven pathway of what’s working. This enables the team to assess deal health and leverage best practices for future efforts

How the Team Works Together

Here’s an example of how PTC’s “ROI engine” typically works to generate actionable insights and increase conversions:

  1. A prospect visits the PTC website.
  2. They interact with the Drift chatbot.
  3. The prospect schedules a demo five minutes later.
  4. A PTC sales rep goes into 6sense and discovers the account is in the Purchase stage.
  5. The rep identifies the keywords being researched, and notices there’s been 25 anonymous website visits from the account within the past week.
  6. This insight allows the rep to tailor their outreach and positioning accordingly.
  7. Meanwhile, tracks how the deal was progressing, highlighting risks and health for full visibility across sales and marketing.

These three solutions enable PTC to connect and engage with prospects in the right way, at scale.

Insight to Action

These technologies also enable PTC’s revenue team to proactively inspect pipeline.

Salespeople can access a dashboard that identifies the deals slated to close within the quarter. It also overlays 6sense and data to determine how many accounts are showing active signals and are in the Decision/Purchase buying stages.

Alongside this, the team can leverage historical data from previous deals to assess overall deal health via factors such as:

  • How many externally engaged contacts they needed in previously successful deals
  • How many activities on average there are for previous closed-won deals
  • How many meetings need to take place and at what point
  • And more

With this information, PTC builds an opportunity health score report that sales leaders review on a regular basis. This helps determine whether the sales team is focused on the right accounts.

The Results

The combination of 6sense, Drift, and has transformed the way PTC’s team looks at net-new business as well as its existing pipeline.

With this complete end-to-end solution, PTC is successfully “printing pipeline,” as Mariana Cogan, SVP of Digital Marketing Strategy & Operations at PTC, puts it.

This uniquely powerful martech stack gave PTC:

  • A tailored view of prospects
  • A way to connect immediately with potential accounts
  • Insight into where prospects are in their buying journeys
  • Information on what accounts need and are interested in
  • A method to evaluate both new and net-new pipeline

The power of the 6sense, Drift, and data — combined with the whole revenue team working from a single source of truth — has driven tremendous business results for PTC.

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Recently, the company built a unique martech stack — featuring 6sense, Drift and — that revolutionized its ability to identify, connect with, and pursue new business.

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