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6sense Conversational Email Transforms Harri’s Marketing Approach

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Conversational Email


qualified rate with Conversational Email


VTR benchmark

$12 million

in pipeline in just one quarter

Harri, a leading frontline employee experience platform, serves over 35,000 restaurant and hotel locations with nearly 4 million employees. 

With previous work experiences in the HR tech space and the restaurant industry, Harri’s Christine Rochelle, Director of Demand Generation and Content Marketing, and Sarah Higgins, Global VP, Field Marketing & Operations, are dedicated to Harri’s mission of helping frontline service workers. 

Recognizing the competitive nature of the growing service industry, Rochelle and Higgins knew Harri needed a strong marketing strategy to stand out and reach their target audience effectively.

Higgins and Rochelle share how 6sense Conversational Email has revolutionized Harri’s go-to-market approach with generative AI capabilities. 

The Challenge

Before implementing 6sense, Harri’s go-to-market strategy had two main gaps: 

  • Data overload, causing sellers to waste time and resources on accounts not ready to buy
  • Focus on volume of marketing content instead of quality 

Harri’s sellers had trouble determining which prospects were likely to convert and which were just browsing, resulting in wasted time and resources. Tracking campaign success was difficult due to multiple systems and data sources.

A lack of focus in previous initiatives led to sporadic marketing efforts with an emphasis on generating a high volume of content rather than targeted campaigns. As a result, the sales team often found it difficult to receive the necessary support throughout the entire buying journey.

“When we first joined Harri, we saw that a lot of resources were put into top-of-funnel content, but now we were at a pivotal point in the company’s growth to better  support how we accelerate pipeline and support the sales team throughout the buying journey.” 

Christine Rochelle
Director of Demand Generation and Content Marketing, Harri

So, Harri turned to 6sense to adopt a data-driven approach and streamline their marketing strategy. 

The Solution: Getting Specific with 6sense

6sense now equips Harri with the tools and insights needed to create highly targeted outreach campaigns and gain control over their messaging. To guarantee a successful implementation, Harri started with smaller campaigns, focusing on the upsell motion.

“A lot of people think the bigger the better when it comes to a list or campaign, but we were really specific and targeted,” Sarah says. 

Targeting smaller lists enabled Harri to identify and engage the most promising leads, maximizing their chances of success. With 6sense, Harri can personalize their outreach efforts based on the specific needs and interests of their target audience. This improved the relevance of their messaging and helped them stand out among generic marketing communications. 

Additionally, 6sense’s predictive capabilities allowed Harri to prioritize their efforts and focus on the most engaged and qualified leads, rather than wasting time on uninterested prospects. 

Driving Growth with Conversational Email

Sarah and Christine say 6sense’s generative AI within Conversational Email has created invaluable impact. Since Harri doesn’t have an established account management team focused strictly on upsell campaigns, 6sense Conversational Email allows them to drive upsell easily and with quick results. 

“We were so excited about Conversational Email because we felt like we turned it on and had immediate value,” Christine says. 

Conversational Email leverages AI to help with generating one-to-one conversational email campaigns, understanding customer intent, and looping in appropriate team members as needed. For Harri, Conversational Email gives marketers more autonomy. 

“Conversational email allows the marketing team to take outreach and messaging into our own hands, and not rely on sales teams to amplify the message. This allows us to get campaigns up and running quickly, without adding.”

Sarah Higgins
Global VP of Field Marketing and Operations, Harri

Harri has two Conversational Email AI assistants, named “Rachel Green” and “Jen Barber,” working accounts in the U.S. and Europe. 

“Since we’re still building out some roles at Harri, Jen Barber and Rachel Green can be our account managers for the time being and help capture any of the customers interested in new products and innovations,” Christine says. 

Jen and Rachel have also been crucial in event follow-up communications. 

“While the team is breaking down from events and traveling back home, Jen and Rachel have already started communicating event follow up,” Christine explains. 

Christine and Sarah say they use 6sense’s AI writing tools beyond just emailing new accounts; the AI bot has sharpened the quality of their content and outreach.

“I love the AI bot to create not only the campaigns we’re putting through Conversational Email, but also outreach campaigns. It’s 1,000 times better than Chat GPT,” Christine says. 

The Results

By embracing data-driven marketing and leveraging the power of AI, Harri has transformed its marketing approach, enabling the revenue team to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive business growth.

In just one quarter of using 6sense, Harri has seen an impressive: 

  • Over $12 million in pipeline and $3 million in closed-won from hot accounts 
  • 4% Qualified Rate with Conversational Email 
  • VTR benchmark of 34%, exceeding the goal of 20% 

“There are a lot of go-to-market tools that claim to bring together your sales and marketing team. 6sense is really the platform that does it. It has helped us gain better insight into where we should focus our efforts and helps us break down the silos across departments,” Christine says. 

About the Customer

Harri is the leading frontline employee experience platform built for companies who have service at the heart of their business. The solution is built on the notion that the customer experience will never exceed the employee experience. The Harri suite of talent attraction, workforce management, and employee engagement technologies en

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