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Keyfactor Swings for the ABX Fences with 6sense

Keyfactor is a cybersecurity software company within the identity and access management space.  As Keyfactor began to experiment with aligning its revenue team’s efforts in an account-based experience (ABX) approach,...

How Drift Helped with STANLEY’s Transformative ABE Strategy: 6sense Austin Recap

During our recent 6sense Austin Recap, Justin Keller, VP of Revenue Marketing at Drift, interviewed Waseem Kawaf, STANLEY Security’s Global VP of Digital Experience, about STANLEY’s Account-Based Experience (ABE) strategy....


Code42’s Journey to ABX: Moving from MQLs to Opportunities

Code42, based in Minneapolis, is a cybersecurity software company that offers solutions for stopping insider data leaks and IP theft. The company has more than 50,000 client organizations. Looking to...

Duo Security Sets BDRs up for Success with 6sense

The role of a Business Development Representative (BDR) can be daunting. But the game completely changes when BDRs are armed with the right intent data showing where accounts are in...