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May 2022 6sense Product Update: Enhanced Keyword Organization, Integrations Catalog, Outreach Integration, and More

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With 6sense’s May 2022 Product Release, our platform further applies artificial intelligence at every stage of revenue creation to help marketing and sales teams jointly execute winning outcomes.

These new enhancements help give marketers confidence in targeting the right accounts based on buying behavior, then put those crucial insights directly in front of sellers to take action. With this update, revenue teams can:

  • Organize keywords into groups
  • Improve workflows with a new integrations catalog
  • Access 6sense Revenue AI™ insights within the Outreach platform  
  • Use visitor location to reveal buyer activity  
  • And more

Let’s take a closer look!

Organize Keywords by Topics of Interest to Your Business

6sense intent data is intuitively organized into customizable keyword groups for application in campaign planning and audience building. Grouping keywords by themes makes it easier for revenue teams to glean information about in-market buyers and make better-informed business decisions.

Marketing teams can group keywords by topic of interest and leverage them in campaign planning and execution. Sales teams can then personalize outreach based on common themes that are most meaningful to their prospects.  

Even better, add up to 10 Bombora Company Surge® topics to use alongside 6sense intent keywords for the ultimate view of active buyer activity.

Improve Workflows with a New Integrations Catalog  

Users can easily find, connect, and manage connected apps in one organized place within the 6sense platform. An active integrations dashboard and consolidated catalog helps operations teams explore, manage, and orchestrate integrations across their revenue tech stack.  

Additionally, 6sense’s API documentation is now available without a login to remove friction and accelerate integrations and ecosystem development. The documentation portal helps our partners and the developer community self-serve API requirements and documentation as needed.  

Access 6sense Revenue AI™ Insights Within the Outreach Platform  

With game-changing insights, predictions, recommendations, and dashboards directly within the Outreach sales execution platform, sales reps can maximize their efficiency, improve deal execution, and close deals faster. 

6sense Sales Intelligence enables sellers to create personalized and timely engagement in Outreach, supported by buying stage predictions and account prioritization. Key benefits include:   

  • AI-driven prioritization: AI interprets intent signals and helps sales reps quickly prioritize the right accounts directly within Outreach.
  • Easy multi-threading: Provides sales and marketing the key data and insights necessary to engage the entire buying team.
  • Maximize relevance: Embeds deep context about the account and contacts directly into sales rep workflows to maximize relevance, enhance the buying experience, and drive the strongest sales results.    

Use Contact Location to Reveal Unknown Buyer Activity  

Transform anonymous activity into actionable intel with Sales Intelligence contact location data. Sales reps can now identify specific buyer interest in a topic through intent activity tied to a location, and then cross-reference relevant contacts to that location to identify likely members of a buying team​.

Armed with buying team research data, sellers can reach out with personalized messaging that books meetings​.

Additional Changes and Enhancements  

  • Quickly find a specific account and show its recent activities by searching by account name in the Sales Intelligence Recent Activities Dashboard.
  • Administrators can choose to send alerts to specific CRM users. ​
  • Segments can be searched for in the top search bar, by default in the selected folder. To search with more specific terms and filter segments, click on the Filter By button at the top of the segment list. 
  • Within Funnel Insights, you can now see a cohort-based visual analysis of how accounts are moving through your funnel and the real impact of marketing effort.
  • Funnel Insights now supports bulk export of summary and opportunity data for use in external workflows or more granular data inspection. 

Learn More About 6sense

With this powerful product update, there’s never been a better time to become a part of the 6sense family. These enhancements further help B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth with an intuitive platform that leverages AI, big data, and machine learning.

Want to learn more about us and what we do? Take a spin around our site to:

And you can always contact us with questions or to see 6sense in action.

The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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