I Heart BDRs

Baby, You’re a Firework!

BDR Leaders, Share Your Commitment with the World

According to 6sense Research, BDRs who feel genuinely supported by their leaders achieve 22% higher quota attainment than those who don’t.

That’s why 6sense is inviting sales leaders to pledge their commitment to empowering BDRs with the right tactics, resources, and technologies to succeed.

Will you be a part of the movement?

For every pledge you make, 6sense will donate $50 to Re:WORK TRAINING, a non-profit committed to diversifying the tech industry by helping Black and Brown people get jobs in sales.

Make the Pledge

I pledge to be the best possible teacher, guide, and mentor I can be to my team of BDRs (or SDRs, etc.).

I commit to celebrating our wins and learning from our losses — no matter how big or small.

And I pledge to provide my team the resources, tools, and technologies they need to succeed in today’s competitive selling environment.

For every pledge made, 6sense will donate $50 to Re:WORK TRAINING.


Attend a free Re:WORK 8-week boot camp to develop skills, expand your network, and get resources to help you succeed in the competitive field of tech sales.

RE:WORK for Sales Leaders:

Work with RE:WORK to gain access to diversified talent and empower existing employees with DEI coaching and tools.

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