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With 6sense, HubSpot CRM and Microsoft Dynamics Just Got More Powerful

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HubSpot CRM and Microsoft Dynamics users now have access to a new superpower thanks to bi-directional integration with 6sense.

The integration will put 6sense’s buyer insights directly into the CRMs so that sales reps can see which accounts are most engaged, which decision makers are doing research, which other members of a buying team may be heating up, and what is driving their interest.

The end result: More focus and more deals. Sales reps will know who to contact, when to contact them, and key topics to talk about.

And that’s just the beginning. Here’s a closer look:

Predictive Analytics Based on Your Historical Deals and Real-Time Opportunities

Thanks to a recent 6sense product update, HubSpot and Microsoft Dynamics join Salesforce as world-class CRMs that are now even more powerful thanks to integrations with our platform.

The integrations open up several opportunities, which fall into two major overarching categories:

  • Sales teams now have access to dashboards that display 6sense insights into the behavior of their accounts. There’s no need to jump between platforms to spot key opportunities and insights.
  • 6sense can tap into CRM data and use AI and machine learning to spot more sales opportunities. This is done by spotting historical patterns that have driven revenue growth, and then looking for accounts that share similar firmographics, technographics, and behavior. 6sense then flags those accounts as promising targets for marketing and sales outreach.

Unified Data for Unified Revenue Teams

The integration also continuously cleanses and enriches your CRM data to ensure it’s accurate and ready for revenue teams to use.

Having a robust, unified dataset will help:


  • Discover and continuously refine your ICP and TAM
  • Uncover and target accounts when they’re ready to buy
  • Dynamically segment audiences for personalization and analysis, without the data lag that can derail personalization efforts.


  • Proactively prospect into the right accounts, and reach out to the right members of buying teams
  • Make every conversation relevant based on engagement and intent data
  • Work smarter with focused dashboards, insights, and actions


  • Connect data, insights, and actions across the revenue team
  • Continuously enrich, acquire, and improve customer data
  • Conduct lead scoring based on data science rather than intuition
  • Inform territory design


Bi-directional integration of your CRM helps your revenue team get the most out of 6sense platform with features including:

  • Single Source of Data Truth: Ensure all members of the revenue team are working from a unified dataset, which helps everyone stay on message and respond to the real-time evolving needs of potential customers.
  • Data Enrichment & Management: Enrich your CRM with firmographic, intent, and buyer contact data. Have better conversations without needing to endlessly dig for information about prospects.
  • Marketing Dashboards: Track the buyer journey and measure your influenced pipeline at every stage.
  • Engagement Personalization: Personalize the buyer journey for every audience across all channels.
  • Sales Intelligence: Proactively prospect with AI-driven insights and dashboards.
  • Predictive Modeling: Light up your Dark Funnel™ and prioritize in-market accounts with 6sense AI scoring.
  • Workflows: Continuously capture your audience and orchestrate engagement at scale.
  • Audience Building: Create dynamic always-on segments that utilize 6sense AI and enriched CRM data.
  • Analytics: Get insight into influenced pipeline reporting, influenced form-fill reporting, segment performance, and campaign influence opportunities.

Learn More About 6sense

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth with a platform that leverages data and AI to deliver insights — and empower action — when and where revenue teams need it.

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The 6sense Team

6sense helps B2B organizations achieve predictable revenue growth by putting the power of AI, big data, and machine learning behind every member of the revenue team.

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